The Terrible Task List

The Terrible Task List


What non-daily jobs do you dislike the most?

For me, it is errands (agghh….they feel so purposeless….then you have to come home and put things away/cook things/organize/store/sort…) and little tasks like writing a letter/email explaining something or preparing a package to mail or cleaning a stack of something….etc.

For those jobs I dislike, I do the following:


How to Make a Resolution That Sticks

If you take how many years old you are, minus about ten years for girls (and maybe twenty for guys!), you will get the approximate number of years that you have been making new year’s resolutions. Agghhh….

Why A Resolution With the Word More In It Will Likely Not Be Met

And then there’s the keeping of them…or the lack of keeping them.

And yet here we are again, about to make even more resolutions for 2017!

So how can we stop the madness of making resolutions that do not stick? How can we follow through on these great intentions?


Timer Plus Task List

In our homeschooling workshops, and especially in my workshops for moms (Prioritizing, Organizing, and Scheduling—Helps for Homeschooling Moms), we talk a lot about setting timers for family and for kids. Timers can show our kids (and ourselves!) how much we can get done in a short amount of time. Many efficiency expert teachers talk about using timers for productivity. Timers are not new.

Timer Plus Task List Equal RESULTS

Task lists are likewise not new. I teach about list making (and will definitely be doing that here on Donna Reish)—from the Terrible Task List to the Fast Five to the ABC’s of Prioritizing. I have been a list maker since I was a child and credit a lot of my efficiency and thoroughness with list making.


Just Do Something!

In 1988, at an advertising agency meeting, the infamous saying, “Just do it,” was coined. It is thought to have increased the sales of Nike shoes from 18% to 43% (from $877 million to $9.2 billion). The slogan is considered to be one of the top two taglines of the twentieth century. These three words are often associated with the Nike “swoosh,” which is said to further capitalize on the “do it” attitude of the brand’s slogan.

Just Do Something!

Since that time, people have used these words for everything from encouragement to get a lot done to chants and cheers for sporting competitions and even for sexual innuendos. (Come on, you know you’ve said it before! 😉 )


The ABC’s of Prioritizing

There is an old Jackson Five song that goes,


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

As simple as do, re, mi

ABC, 1 2 3

Baby, you and me!”

The ABC's of Prioritizing


I know that this song is showing my age, but it is catchy tune (and super fun to East Coast Swing Dance to!)—and it has helped me in my productivity….

I can remember when my husband and I were first married, I would ask him, “How do you know what to do every day when you go to work?” I just couldn’t figure out how he knew what needed to be done.


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