My Newest Recipe Book: Sugar-Free, Flour-Free!



After ten months of testing, re-testing, and tweaking, I have my second recipe book finished! I have written over a hundred curriculum books, so you would think this book writing thing would be simple….agghhh….but recipe books are anything but simple! So much testing time and tweaking and trying again. But it’s done—and just in time for Christmas baking and goodies.


Hamburger Stew (Crock Pot AND Freezer Entree!)


On Wednesdays, I like to have something in the crock pot for lunch. We have cottage classes here, teaching over fifty homeschooled students once-a-week classes, such as writing, English, biology, economics, and more. It is tons of fun–but a super busy day, so I put a stew or soup together in the crock pot that my co-teachers (first two sons, Joshua, and Jonathan) and Jakie (our only homeschooled student now 🙁   ) can eat whenever they get a break.



Simplified Meal Planning


In a previous podcast episode called Simplified Menu Planning, I encouraged listeners to not overthink meal planning. (You may listen to that episode here.)


In this audio, I described how my original freezer cooking, in which I plugged all of my entrees into categories (based on meat types), led me to look at meal planning in a more simplified way. I made my master list of most of the entrees that I fix under each category, and then I can see what meats are on sale, scan my master entrée list, and choose meals to make.



5 Minute Fajita Crisps


Fajitas. Five minutes. Those words don’t seem to go together. And yet with my Five Minute Fajita Crisps, it is (almost!) possible. Granted, it depends on what meat and veggies you start with… here are some tips on that:



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