Our Plexus and Food Regiment—and Losing 200 Pounds Together With the Plexus Products

Our Plexus and Food Regiment—and Losing 200 Pounds Together With the Plexus Products

Since we have reached a big milestone in our weight loss journey–losing 200 pounds together—we are getting a lot of questions about our supplement, fasting, and eating protocols. And I am thrilled to pass it along!

(I’m giddy over reaching this goal—can’t imagine how cray cray I’m going to be when we reach Minus 210 or Minus 230 Pound Pair!!!)

So I had lost 50 pounds over many years (and kept it off—that is important!).
But over the past three years, we have lost 150 of the 200 pounds together. (His weight loss total is 105 pounds; mine is 97 pounds!)

March Plexus Give-aways!

Hi there!!! 

Just wanted to hop on here and tell you about our team’s March give-aways!!

Summer is just around the corner, so many people are looking for help with weight loss–but want NATURAL and plant-based help. (I understand!)

And Plexus has 22 products that fit those criterion: natural and plant/botanical based. 

So our team has put together a fun give-away for the rest of the month…and I wanted to let you know about them!

We’ll be giving away three different products!



7 Ways I Avoid Holiday Weight Gain (for 3 Years Now!)



Something strange happens around Thanksgiving–or worse yet, at Halloween (!)–for those of us with lifelong weight management struggles. We give up. We throw in the towel (or the scales!). We wave a white flag of surrender (or our white granny panties of surrender!). We start eating during our Thanksgiving cooking prep, and we lose all resolve to lose weight. We even lose all resolve to not GAIN weight. It feels hopeless. We feel hopeless.


The food is going to be flying at us in every direction, so we yield to it. After all, if we can’t beat them, we might as well join them! New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner. We’ll do some drastic diet then and undo the damage. We’ve lost many a pound in January–and we know we can do it another year.


Plexus “Wholesale” Joining Special Til Thanksgiving!

Coupons. Special sale. Rebates. Black Friday deals. Who doesn’t love a sale? And how much more if that sale lasts a WHOLE YEAR! Yep, our Plexus team, Reishes’ Peeps, is having a Plexus Wholesale/Ambassador joining special to celebrate our new back office store that we are getting on November 5th. (Yay us!) This special gives you “membership” (think of it like Sam’s or Costco) for one full year. That membership gets you the lowest possible prices on all 18 of our amazing, plant-based supplements. (For those who would like to earn some extra money, make residual income, or start a full-fledges home biz, this “membership” also gets you your own store/back office—to order from for yourself or to have customers order from. Biz building is optional. Lowest wholesale prices for a year are not! (Yay you!)


VIP–Very Important Person–Plexus Sale!


You may have either tried a sample of my pink drink this year, attended an online event, or just talked Plexus to me—so I’m thrilled to be able to offer you this VIP special! You’re also a VIP if you are tired, can’t sleep well, have pain, suffer from uncontrollable food cravings, have brain fog, can’t lose weight, don’t have energy to exercise, suffer from moodiness or anger, experience stomach issues, and more! Why? Because those are the Very Important People whom I love to help! Until September 30th, you can take advantage of either of the specials that Ray and I are offering!


VIP SPECIAL #1—NEW Ambassador/Wholesale Special: $15 Joining Special!


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