Everyone is thinking about the holidays now. All that food. All those parties. All those temptations. We can feel the pounds coming on just by perusing Pinterest!


What if you got ahead of the game? What if you went into the holidays losing rather than gaining? What if you got control of your eating before the onslaught of temptations? What if you improved your mood and reactions to stress BEFORE the stress begins? What if you went to those festivities one or two sizes smaller?

All of that can happen for you! With two Slim sticks a day and our amazing, supportive private FB group, your holiday wishes can come true!


(Haven’t heard about the new Slim formula? Watch this video to learn more 🙂




Here are the deets:

When: September 15 to October 15

Where: Double Slim Month Long Challenge Group

Why: Lose weight before holidays. Feel less stressed. Sleep better. Have energy. Reduce inflammation and pain. Wear a smaller size. Look better. Feel better.

What: Results! A supportive weight loss page. (Choose your own plan bit receive lots of encouragement and tips from our private group!) I’ll moderate and share tips and recipes and answer questions every single day.

How: Order two bags of Slim to arrive before or as close as possible to the 15th of September. (I could float you several Slim if you’re late signing up!) Drink two per day. (Tips and suggestions in the group!) Get results!



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