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Healthy Mixes

Throughout the blog and in upcoming e-books, you can join me in a journey of simplifying your healthy kitchen work by creating mixes for things you use often. Unhealthy mixes abound in groceries everywhere—cake mixes, spice mixes, biscuit/baking mixes, and more. With a few minutes of prep time, you can create grocery-store-like mixes with healthy ingredients! Whipping up healthy desserts and entrees will not be as time consuming or daunting with my Healthy Mixes. Check out my Cream Cheese Dessert Base Mix, Very Low Carb Flour Mix, and Sprouted Flour Mix!

Low Carb Cooking & Baking

Cooking and baking with fewer carbs (and using healthy carbs when we do have carbs) will lead to health benefits galore! My goal in this blog is to teach you incrementally how to go from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to healthy with tricks, tips, recipes, mixes, and more. More than just a recipe blog, I want to be your teacher in low carb and healthy cooking! Learn about The Power of Dilution, 5 Tips for Ditching the Sugar, and my Recipe Labels that each recipe contains—for all kinds of cooks!

Organizing & Productivity

After thirty-two years of homeschooling seven children and fifteen years of that spent writing seventy curriculum books for two publishers, I have learned the secrets of productivity! Seriously, as an efficiency-expert wanna be, I have loads of tips, tricks, and systems to help me get things done. Let me show you how to be an efficiency-expert wanna be also! 🙂 Start here with my Timer Plus Task List and The ABC’s of Prioritizing!

Working from Home–


Homeschooling and writing curriculum (as well as testing those books with a hundred students each year) has given me the opportunity to learn many work-from-home strategies. I will be sharing these for mompreneurs, network marketers, homeschooling moms—and anyone who has to determine her daily schedule for productivity. Check out my Prioritizing Planner!

Products & Services

Donna is a work in progress….but I have written fifty thousand pages/seventy books, so recipe e books will definitely be coming your way! In the meantime, check out my seventy curriculum books if you have writing students and this blog’s store for new Healthy Mixes books!


The blog has ingredient lists linked to my favorite online stores for recipes. The recipes are all tested with the ingredients linked at the blog. Thus, you will have the ability to get the exact products that were used in testing. One of the easiest ways to support my healthy recipes work is to purchase your ingredients through affiliate links. Two of favorite affiliate links for sugar-free and low carb baking are Amazon and Trim Healthy Mama!

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I would love to teach you how to cook and bake more healthfully with sugar-free, low glycemic, real ingredients—in my incremental, “teacher Donna” approach. Subscribe to this blog to get the blog posts, e-book announcements, and freebies in your inbox as they are posted.

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