Birthday Bash and Slim Celebration Specials!


Most of you know that in addition to being a healthy recipe creator, blogger, productivity teacher (i.e. efficient expert wanna-be!), tutor, and curriculum author of over one hundred books, I am also a hope dealer—bringing happiness and health to people as a Gold Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide.

(If you don’t know about Plexus’ sixteen amazing, plant-based, health-giving, gut-healing, blood sugar-balancing, weight management, carb craving, pain-relieving, sleep-providing, energy-boosting products, check them out here.)


Plexus helped me curb my cravings and learn to eat lower carb, sugar-free foods almost all the time! And I couldn’t be more grateful!


Well….June is my birthday month, and it also happens to be the month of the new formula of Slim being released. So I am running some specials!


THEN….after my special was announced, boom…..Plexus offered a special.


Stacking coupons, anyone?

So here’s the scoop!



1) Free product when you join as a wholesaler with a welcome pack ($35 a year to get best prices or to start a biz!) OR

2) $10 Rebate for new preferred customers who purchased the new Slim!




Now Plexus is celebrating my birthday with wholesaler special too! ?I

If you join as a wholesaler/Ambassador ($35 for one year!), you get ten percent off your Welcome Pack—a group of products you choose that are already priced ten percent below wholesale! Yay!


These two specials combined can get you started on the Plexus products at the lowest prices ever! 🙂


Call or email and I’ll help you get started!

Or let me know if you would like to attend a Zoom training about the products or a week long event on FB to learn!

I’d love to help you…

Feel great and live well,




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