Low Carb Crepes [Wraps, Bread, & Lasagna Substitute]
Serves: 10 crepes
  1. In food processor, pulse eggs and cream cheese until smooth.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and process until smooth. (Do not add half and half or cream until all ingredients are pulsed—and add a little at a time.)
  3. Heat a small 6 “ non-stick pan, spray with cooking spray.
  4. Using ¼ cup of batter, pour first crepe into skillet.
  5. Tilt pan to spread out batter evenly and cook over medium heat.
  6. When one side is done, flip crepe and cook five to ten seconds on second side.
  7. Set aside in a plate and cook remaining crepes.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 crepe Calories: 40 Fat: 3 Carbohydrates: 1 Protein: 3
Recipe by Donna Reish at https://donnareish.com/low-carb-crepes-wraps-bread-lasagna-substitute/