Chicken “Noodle” Soup (With Low Carb/Grain-Free “Crepe Noodle” Option!)
The calorie and carb count for this with noodles is a typical chicken noodle soup count. With "crepe noodles," the net carbs would be only a few per bowl.
  1. Cook chicken according to instructions in the general section.
  2. Shred and set aside.
  3. Cook noodles in chicken broth until al dente.
  4. Optional: Stir fry celery and tiny pieces of carrot (or carrots that you shredded with a potato peeler) in skillet or in micro with butter.
  5. To cook aromatics in micro, just put them finely shredded in small microwaveable bowl with a TBSP or two of butter. Cover and cook until tender. You don't want the celery or carrots to be crunchy.
  6. Add chicken, aromatics, seasonings, and more base back into noodles and broth. It is ready! Don't keep on low as noodles will continue to cook and get grainy.
  7. If using “crepe noodles,” prepare the crepes and be sure they are fully cooled. Cut them into “noodles” and add them to the broth, veggies, and chicken just before serving.
Recipe by Donna Reish at