Sugar-Free Solutions Free Download   Sugar-Free Solutions guide and recipe book is an incremental “how to” book on moving from a sugar-filled kitchen to a sugar-free kitchen. In this e-book (also available in black and white as a print book), Donna Reish, blogger and curriculum author of over 50,000 pages of instructional material, teaches you in a step-by-step manner how to make healthy substitutions for sugar, including how to know which sweeteners are best for various applications and recipe types.   She teaches how to make some typically-sugary treats into non-sugary ones—such as sauces, sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and more. Then she takes you by the hand in making homemade chocolates, purchasing healthy chocolates, and using both in easy recipes that will satisfy a sweet tooth as you are seeking to eat and cook healthier. Lastly, she leaves you with five favorite sugar-free recipes that do not require too many unusual ingredients in order for you to get started right away. The Appendices contain tips for giving up sugar, upcoming Healthy Mixes book titles, and more. This book is a great first step for those seeking to “ditch sugar” once and for all.  

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