You may have either tried a sample of my pink drink this year, attended an online event, or just talked Plexus to me—so I’m thrilled to be able to offer you this VIP special! You’re also a VIP if you are tired, can’t sleep well, have pain, suffer from uncontrollable food cravings, have brain fog, can’t lose weight, don’t have energy to exercise, suffer from moodiness or anger, experience stomach issues, and more! Why? Because those are the Very Important People whom I love to help! Until September 30th, you can take advantage of either of the specials that Ray and I are offering!


VIP SPECIAL #1—NEW Ambassador/Wholesale Special: $15 Joining Special!

Join as a Wholesaler/Ambassador (you don’t have to be a “biz builder” to be a wholesaler!)—for one year of wholesale pricing (no minimums ever!) for only $15! (With a Welcome Pack—you’ll get a $20 check or PayPal rebate!)





VIP SPECIAL #2—NEW PreferredCustomer Special: Buy 2/Get 1 Free!

Place your first order of two full-sized products and get one of the listed products to the right for free from us! Contact me today to take advantage of this VIP special by the end of September! 260-433-4365. Call, text, email, or message me!



















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