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Welcome to my fasting and healthy recipe blog! I am so glad that you have chosen to learn more about Daily Intermittent Fasting! Ray and I (and six of “our” twelve kids/kids-in-love!) have found that fasting for a certain number of hours each day and only eating during a certain number of hours each day has led to weight loss (50 pounds in four months between the two of us!), decreased cravings and appetites, time and financial freedoms, and much more!

So congratulations for taking the first step to join us in this amazing eating protocol that boosts metabolism, burns fat while restoring lean muscle, and makes you feel absolutely wonderful–while you still enjoy family traditions, birthday parties, and even pizza night. With this approach, you can “enjoy anything, just not everything.” We have definitely found that it is “worth the wait to lose weight”!



Don’t Forget the Video Set!

If you enjoy the charts and would like to learn more, I have a five-video set available at my store that introduces the charts and then explains all four charts and how to get started with Daily IF. You can find the full description below.



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Want to learn about Intermittent Fasting every day a little at a time–and get support and encouragement on your journey?  Join Donna’s IF Facebook group!




Donna’s Daily IF Course — Enroll here!

Donna’s Daily IF Course and is one month long. It includes three weeks of short daily videos (15 mins each avg), outlines, downloads/handouts, cheat sheets, and more. During the fourth week of the course, we will meet live three times in a video room for Q and A and support. All students have the opportunity to be in the Course FB Group where I will go live every few days to answer questions. You can also post questions and successes in the group and get to know your classmates! I’m so excited to teach Daily IF incrementally and in an organized fashion, so students know exactly how to get started and have success! 


FREE Intermittent Fasting Webinar


 Learn more about intermittent fasting by signing up for a free one hour long webinar…

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