Three Intermittent Fasting Surprises (Fast Shot)

When I began Intermittent Fasting, I quickly found three amazing, actually-life-changing, surprises.

I had already learned that I could burn body fat, control hunger, and reduce cravings.

(Learn more about those IF body/hormone changes at my Intermittent Fasting Course!

But then there were three surprises….

Three things that have helped my husband and I to lose 160+ pounds together in the past two years with IF!

Check out this short video as I explain them….

1) Less emotional eating

2) No nighttime snacking (without pain because my meal was so amazing!)

3) No nibbles—real meals!

I think you would love the IF surprises awaiting you!

Love and hope,

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My Three Favorite Things About Intermittent Fasting (Fast Shot Video!)

My Three Favorite Things About Intermittent Fasting (Fast Shot Video!)

Welcome to another Fast Shot Video! I’ve been sharing this content with people everywhere, and I thought I should put it at the blog too!

Of course, I have a detailed outline for you! 🙂
I want the whole world to know that they can have appetite control. That they can control their food intake….that their body can help them for once!

I hope it helps you!

A. Welcome

1. I’m Donna Reish, curriculum author and Intermittent Fasting teacher at
2. I am half of what my husband and I affectionately call “The Minus 200 Pounds Pair”—because together we have lost over 200 pounds in the past several years.
3. Nearly 150 of these pounds have been in the past two years through Intermittent Fasting and habit changes!


B. Today’s Broadcast

1. I am excited to teach others what has worked for us!
2. I love to help people change their lives through methods and habits that have changed the lives of me and my husband.
3. And….I’m excited today to bring you “My Three Favorite Things About Intermittent Fasting”!
4. While I’m bringing you three of my faves—I bring you even more favorites, more outcomes, more benefits in my free workshop— I’ll tell you more about that at the end!

C. First Favorite: My Body Works With Me to Control My Hunger and Appetite

1. Growling Grehlin Gremlins

a. Grehlin is the hormone that is released from the stomach when it is empty
b. Growls, releases stomach acids, etc., to tell you that you’re hungry
c. With IF, your body “tames” the Growling Grehlin Gremlins so within a couple of weeks, you are no longer hungry during the fasting time (for 16 hours or more!)

2. I call this reducing of hunger one of my IF “super powers”—never knew that you could manipulate your eating schedule in such a way so that -hunger is controlled!
3. “Clock hunger”—your body gets used to you eating at a certain time each day and releases hunger hormones for that time rather than during the fast.

D. Second Favorite: Dining In on Body Fat

1. When you fast consistently for certain number of hours each day, your body is 16 times more likely to go into “ketosis”—body fat burning
2. I call this “dining in”!
3. When you don’t take in calories for a period of time, you put your body in the best position to go into your fat stores and use the fat you have on your body

E. Third Favorite: Eating Real Meals

1. On a “eat every couple of hours” protocol, you have to divide all of your intake (the calories you need to either maintain your current weight or to maintain your goal weight) among six or more eating and drinking instances.
2. With IF, you divide those between two or among three eating instances—
3. So instead of eating little nibbles of food, you eat a full meal or a full dessert or a small meal or a hearty snack
4. Way more satisfying!

F. Questions

1. I know this short broadcast just answers a handful of questions—will you be hungry? How do I lose weight and inches? How and what do I eat?
2. I know there are many more—and I would LOVE to answer those nagging questions (especially those about insulin, metabolism, and the amazing health/longevity benefits of IF!).
3. So I would love to have you join me for a full hour workshop where I answer “Ten Intermittent Fasting Questions.”
4. If you liked what you heard today and think this way of life could be the answer for overeating and health, I’d be honored to teach you more!
5. So hop on over to sign up for one of the four sessions that works best for your schedule! 

Six Reasons You Might Benefit From the Intermittent Fasting Course (Fast Shot)

Six Reasons You Might Benefit From the Intermittent Fasting Course (Fast Shot)

Have you seen my video about why the Intermittent Fasting course could be a life-changer for you? I have six reasons I would love to share with you….check out the video (and outline!) below….

 Here’s my outline for it (of course!)


Six Reasons You Might Benefit From the Intermittent Fasting Course

1) Hand holding and accountability

2) Incremental learning from a dedicated, skilled teacher

3) Summer vacations (and holidays) are coming—and this is something you can do ALL the time….no off and on (i.e. you don’t have to keep saying, “I’ll start “that diet” after X or X!).

4) Be losing weight and feeling great in one month!

5) You know the methods you’ve been using haven’t been working because you need something that helps your body work FOR you not against you.

a) insulin
b) grehlin (hunger hormone)
c) leptin (satiety hormone)

6) You can trust the teacher–I’m a “long termer”—i do things for the long run– I am reliable and overdeliver! 🙂 

Class starts tomorrow!

Deadline is midnight tonight!

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My 14-Minute-Fix for Productivity and Clarity (Fast Shot)

My 14-Minute-Fix for Productivity and Clarity (Fast Shot)

Donna Reish, weight loss coach, Intermittent Fasting teacher, blogger, and author of over 100 language arts/writing curriculum books for students from K-12th grades, introduces her 14-Minute-Fix for Productivity and Clarity in this Fast Shot video. First, she gives an overview of the process—that you can either do 14 minutes in the morning, 14 minutes in the evening, or both. If you do AM and PM, it is literally spending 2% of your day planning in order to make the other 98% of your day the most effective and productive as it can be!

Then Donna describes her PM 14 Minute Fix (and how a good tomorrow starts tonight!): First, she checks the calendar for tomorrow’s activities. Then she moves into her First Five and Fast Five (at least three of each if her calendar and dailies allow enough time). Then she charges everything. Next, she evaluates today’s food. And then she leaves “bread crumbs” for tomorrow’s early morning activities, including journal station and workout clothes.

Donna has an AM 14 Minute Fix and a PM one (not everyone needs to). She next goes into detail with her AM Fix: First, she double checks her calendar for today’s activities. Then she adds to her First Five and Fast Five (if her calendar and dailies allow enough time). Then she time blocks her day—what is happening each hour of the day, when she will do what. She then takes a few minutes to write down tomorrow’s food (“decide ahead of time”—again, maybe five minutes or less). Finally, she leaves bread crumbs for after her workout—having some of her tasks set up and ready for when she returns and is ready to start her work. Learn more about productivity, Intermittent Fasting, and weight management at

A. Overview

1. 14 minutes in the morning or evening or both to plan
2. 14 minutes is 1% of every 24 hour period
3. AM and PM 14 minute fix=2% planning to make 98% most effective and productive as possible
4. Set timer and be super specific about not doing anything but planning—turn off notifications; do this when uninterrupted
5. Don’t work during this time—just plan, lay out, prep, and leave “bread crumbs” for future work
6. If you’re having two a day, start with PM—“A good tomorrow starts today!”

a. True for everyone
b. But especially true for moms of small kids or homeschoolers

B. 14 Minute Fix PM (Sample)

1. Look at calendar for tomorrow first!
2. Write First Five*— five (if your calendar showed you will have enough time for five non-dailies) most important non-daily tasks for tomorrow (list at least 3 night before) (video training: 

a. Planner
b. Sticky notes
c. Note on phone labeled TODAY —and under here I jot down things for future days so that my TODAY note becomes my daily doc….I always know how and where to find these lists

3. Write Fast Five*—five most important quick non-daily tasks for tomorrow—these should take ten minutes or less each (I list First Five and Fast Five at the same time so I can plug them in where they need to go)
4. Charging—blue tooth, phone, computer, ipad
5. Evaluate today’s food plan and the execution of it (a couple/few minutes)
6. Leave bread crumbs for tomorrow’s success

a. Journal, planner, timer, computer, etc. all positioned and neat
b. Clothes and shoes for workout tomorrow
c. Tomorrow’s trainings found and cued up

NOTE: The 14 Minute Fix PM does not include daily habits at night of surfaces and sinks; showering; face routine; picking up house, etc. The 14 Min Fix is all about planning for the next work session for me. “Never go to bed at night without knowing exactly what you’re doing tomorrow!”

*First Five and Fast Five do not include my dailies—these are listed on a tracker by themselves and include working out, morning writing, reading, daily outlines of future content, connecting with my groups, training each day for weight loss/life coaching—all things that are daily “work day” tasks. (Training on Dailies:



C. 14 Minute Fix AM (Sample)

1. Check calendar again!
2. Update First Five (again, based on calendar today)
3. Update Fast Five (again, based on calendar today)
4. Time Block (article:

a. Plug in day’s activities, Five Five, Fast Five, etc. into blocks of time
b. Dailies are already plugged in for the most part

5. Tomorrow’s food written down (“Decide Ahead of Time”)
6. Leave bread crumbs for after workout—what will I start on first…have that set up and ready to start so I don’t procrastinate


*First Five and Fast Five do not include my dailies—these are listed on a tracker by themselves and include working out, morning writing, reading, daily outlines of future content, connecting with my groups, training each day for weight loss/life coaching—all things that are daily “work day” tasks. (Training on Dailies: 

I Only Began Intermittent Fasting Because I Heard I Could “Eat Whatever I Want” and Still Lose Weight—and What I’ve Learned (Fast Shot)

I Only Began Intermittent Fasting Because I Heard I Could “Eat Whatever I Want” and Still Lose Weight—and What I’ve Learned (Fast Shot)

In this Fast Shot video, Donna Reish, author of over 100 curriculum books for students, blogger, weight loss coach-in-training, and Intermittent Fasting (IF) teacher, explains how and why she began IF—and what she has learned. She delves into the “eat anything you want” approach and its compellingness and then moves into the freedom she has found in IF. She discusses the main four ways we lose weight, inches, and cravings with IF—and how they apply to her current choices and lifestyle. Learn more about IF in Donna’s free workshop:    

A. Weight History


  1. Been on weight loss journey for over 15 years (92 pounds to date net loss!)
  2. Started out losing weight with ballroom dancing alone
  3. Then tried various things to lose any more after losing about 30 pounds first few years of ballroom dancing
  4. VLCD (very low calorie diet); low carb; separating fats and carbs meals; calorie counting; keto—couldn’t stay on any for period of time…had too many cravings
  5. Plexus three years ago—started controlling cravings and losing again but still didn’t like any of the restrictive diets, especially cutting out food groups, etc.
  6. Then 18 months ago heard about IF

a. Heard eat whatever you want

b. No food restrictions or food group eliminating

c. Heard it helps you lose weight/control appetite, etc., while still eating whatever

d. Joined—and now in over a year, I’ve lost almost 40 more and Ray has lost 80 more



B. What I Learned About “Eating Whatever You Want” With IF


  1. Four ways we lose weight with IF
  2. Since body works for you, not against you, keeps insulin low, controls hunger hormone (ghrelin), and helps you hear leptin signals so you feel full sooner and eat healthier foods
  3. It gave me the control I need to control the types of foods, how frequently I eat sugar and flour, the amount I eat in my eating window, and more



C. Amazing benefits


  1. Insulin control so not hungry during the fast
  2. Ghrelin controlled so appetite greatly reduced
  3. Leptin signals (satiety) heard better (this is huge for people like me who have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance)
  4. Food freedom—sense of control
  5. Less trash, shopping, messes, cooking, and overall food consumption (research is clear that to regain our health we need to reduce our overall food intake by 30%!!!—not just control this macro or that macro…we simply eat way more than our bodies need to be at healthy weights and fight disease)



 D. Learn more!


  1. Subscribe to blog for free start up charts: 
  2. Sign up for my free hour long IF workshop: 
  3. Join my free FB group where I teach live every week and run articles and helps every day HERE

Help! I Need to Start Somewhere Losing Weight! (Fast Shot!)

Help! I Need to Start Somewhere Losing Weight! (Fast Shot!)

In today’s Fast Shot, Donna Reish, author of over 100 language arts/writing curriculum books for students, blogger, weight management teacher/coach, and health-seeker, answers a reader’s plea for immediate help with weight loss. Rather than asking this gal to start on One Meal a Day and long fasting, extreme diets that can’t be sustained, or other impossibilities, Donna gives the reader hope with five tips that she can implement immediately to get her health and weight loss going in the right direction. Donna recommends that the listener reduces her eating hours/begin implement fasting hours at a beginner’s level; stops drinking calories; eats two or three distinct times; makes at least half of her food real; and plans tomorrow’s food today. These five tips will help the listener immediately–both weight-wise and emotionally/mentally.

This broadcast is sponsored by and 

Help! I need to lose weight and don’t know where to start!!


1) Reduce eating hours (

a. Even if you just don’t eat for 12 hours every day for a few days, you will be starting to reduce your eating hours.
b. Any reduction in consecutive eating hours (i.e. any increase in time NOT eating) will result in less insulin/sugar spiking, more leptin sensitivity, and more!

2) Stop drinking calories

a. Liquid calories are not recognized by leptin
b. Your body doesn’t HEAR that you just consumed 600 calories.
c. You can’t afford liquid calories—they are rarely in someone’s food “budget”!

3) Eat 2 or 3 distinct times out of every 24 hours

a. Two or three meals/snacks combos
b. Eat til full; stop; eat again; stop.
c. Grazing is not recognized by satiety signals.

4) Make at least half of your food real (for now)

a. Start somewhere.
b. Decide that you will eat half of your food in meals or snacks real food only—don’t worry about the macro-nutrients, just make it real!

5) Plan tomorrow’s food today—even if some of it is junk food—this habit alone with fasting will change your weight!

a. Write out on a sticky note or in the notes section of your phone what you will eat tomorrow and the approximate times and amounts
b. Even if some of it is unhealthy (don’t make an unrealistic list!)…just write it down.
c. Only eat tomorrow what you wrote down today!


Learn more about my free upcoming workshop! Four times to choose from! Or watch the recording!

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My Plexus Store:

6 Reasons You Might Need 2MAD (and 6 Reasons You Might Not) (Fast Shot Video!)

6 Reasons You Might Need 2MAD (and 6 Reasons You Might Not) (Fast Shot Video!)

In this Fast Shot Video, Donna Reish, author of over 100 curriculum books for students, blogger, healthy seeker, and IF teacher, helps fasters determine whether one meal a day (with a snack or two—OMAD) or two meals a day (2MAD) is right for you. People automatically think they need OMAD because they’re afraid they won’t lose weight with 2MAD, but if your snacks are heavy, calorie-dense, not real, and not filling, the snacks might be the problem.

She addresses six times that you might want to go with 2MAD: 1) when your snacks are unhealthy; 2) when your snacks cause you to be hungry again too quickly; 3) when your snacks cause you to graze; 4) when you aren’t getting all of your nutrients in; 5) when your snacks cause huge dopamine spikes and increase cravings.

She then addresses six times that you might NOT want to go with 2MAD: 1) On days when you’re eating dinner at a restaurant or party; 2) When 2MAD has caused you to overeat consistently in the past; 3) When you don’t like two “lighter” meals; (4) When you like to eat your meal first in your eating window; (5) When you already choose healthy snacks.

She describes how a lot of the problem is our mindset shift with the terms and definitions: Snack has been associated with fattening, processed, packaged foods. Meals are often associated with a lot of food. Both can cause OMAD or 2MAD not to work as well.

Donna references the 25 video series (15-20 minute daily videos) that she did live in her FB group in this episode as she discusses real food (fiber, water, “fluffiness,” protein, etc.) that affects ghrelin, leptin, and insulin. You can go in and watch that series by joining her group and then search in the search bar for Day 1, Day 2, etc. Join the free FB group here: 

6 Reasons You Might Need 2MAD (and 6 Reasons You Might Not)


Subscribe to get my free IF start up charts!


Bottom line criterion in choosing your eating protocol is always:

1) You consistently lose weight (not plateaus of over 4-8 weeks long)
2) It is sustainable for you forever


You Might Need 2MAD

1) You choose unhealthy snacks, not real food, because you’re calling it a “snack.”

2) Whatever you are eating for your snack doesn’t have fiber, protein, or fat—so you’re hungry for the next eating time too quickly.

3) You graze and you think it’s because of the “snack.”

4) You aren’t getting your nutrients all in—including protein, vitamins, fiber, “fluffiness,” etc. because of what you’re snacking on.

5) You crave—because of the snack.

6) You’re not losing weight well—and when you do a little quick count, you realize that your snack has way too many calories in it because it is comprised of a lot of processed foods.

You Might NOT Need 2 MAD when….


1) You are going out for dinner—a snack is often better when you are going to be eating calorie heavy for your meal (as most dinners out are!). Just choose fruits and veggie snacks before going out that night!

2) You have tried 2MAD and you consistently overate.

3) You don’t like having a “lighter” dinner—-you prefer a snack and having the bulk of your intake at that one time in your meal. (Shorter eating window.)

4) You like to open with your meal and be satisfied for most of your window—then close with a small snack. Thus, you don’t need that second meal—and that first meal is too substantial to be one of two meals.

5) Your snacks are already healthy, nutrient-dense, do not cause cravings—and you do not graze.

6) You lose weight well with snack and OMAD!


FREE IF webinars coming up the last two weeks of each month! Sign up here 


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Fast Shot: Why All or Nothing Has Never Worked for Me

Fast Shot: Why All or Nothing Has Never Worked for Me

So I had that feeling recently…

That feeling that I have tried so hard to overcome for three decades..

But I overcame it!

If you are one of those “all or nothing” gals—or “make too many changes at one time” gals—you are not alone!

So I documented the feeling—and everything I thought about to overcome this week’s Fast Shot video.

As you’ll see in the video—I did it without my hair done and make up on…and with no outline! Lol! (Something really is changing in me!)

P.S. If you like how incrementally I teach, you will love my IF course!

Fast Shot: Eating More Real Foods

Fast Shot: Eating More Real Foods

Today I have a Fast Shot that I created in my free private FB group (join here!) when I began the April “More Real Food” Challenge two weeks ago.

It isn’t quite as “fast” as my fast shots are supposed to be. (Shock, shock!)

And it has info in how to join the challenge (you can join anytime and watch all 30 of the videos in the group at your own pace).

But it also has some good info about considering which foods in your life are “real” (and thus, less seductive, craving-causing, calorie dense, appetite-increasing, etc.)….

And which foods are less than real (and thus, more seductive, craving-causing, calorie dense, and appetite-increasing)….

I hope it helps you to eat better during your eating window, spread out those not real foods a little more, choose more nutrient dense foods, open your eating window with healthier options, and much more!

P.S. If you like what you hear, I’d love to have you hop on one of my free IF workshops — !

A. Why?

1. Take advantage of the help we are getting from controlling grehlin, reducing insulin spikes, increasing human Growth Hormone, hearing leptin signals, etc. Use these things to our health and weight advantage!
2. Leptin (the satiety hormone) responds to real foods more than processed foods
3. Real foods are less calorie dense
4. Real foods are more nutrient dense
5. Real foods ward off diseases (some processed foods cause diseases, especially sugar/fat/white flour combinations)
6. Real foods have the ability to fill us up WAY more than processed foods

a. Fiber
b. Water
c. Protein
d. Fluffiness/volume/stomach distensability

7. Real foods are less seductive—less likely to cause cravings, fewer dopamine spikes, less “addictive” properties


B. Tips to Increase Real Foods

1. Join a challenge (Starting April 1 in Donna’s IF FB Group!)
2. Learn about real foods
3. Don’t classify macronutrients as good or bad; instead classify foods according to their “realness”
4. Decide ahead of time roughly for the week
5. Decide ahead of time each day for the next day
6. Decide what real food means to you—it doesn’t have to be what anyone else thinks it is!
7. Keep REAL and non real food journal each day


P.S. Again…ha ha! If you love Fast Shots (quick learning, listen while you do your chores or drive, etc.!), check out the entire Index of Fast Shots here!

Fast Shot: Sneak Peek of the Intermittent Fasting Course (Check Out These Graphics!)

Fast Shot: Sneak Peek of the Intermittent Fasting Course (Check Out These Graphics!)

Coming soon! Sign up by Sunday before the first Monday of the month!!! I’d love to teach you how to use Intermittent Fasting to achieve your weight and health goals!! 

Get 20% off with this code SAVE20 !!!

A. Course Lay Out—One Month Long

1. 21 Days of Daily Lessons

a. 30 minute videos
b. Outline for each day
c. Graphics and pictures to print if desired
d. Self Talk and Motivating Moments cards and posters to go with each day’s lesson

2. Month Long But Lifetime Access

a. 21 days of lessons
b. One week of live Q and A’s
c. Notified via email each day to go into your classroom (or just log into your classroom anytime!)
d. Can go back and do the program again on your own anytime
e. Always available!
f. Free FB group for the month with daily questions and access to me; graduate FB group for after course ends!



B. Twenty-One Days of Topics—30 Minute Videos on EACH Topic

1. Our First Fast
2. Fasting Spectrum and Three Types of Coping
3. Coping Consumptions
4. Coping Mechanisms and Distractions
5. Fasting Protocols
6. OMAD/3 and Other Boundaries
7. Review & Definitions
8. Insulin and Glucagon
9. Hunger and Satiety (Grehlin and Leptin)
10. Four Benchmarks for Food
11. Appetite Correction
12. Fast Adaption
13. Four Ways We Lose Weight With IF
14. Calories In/Calories Out Game
15. Macronutrients
16. Benefits and Triple E of IF
17. Habits and Food Association
18. Consistency and Choosing Specials
19. Varying Your Eating Windows in Real Life
20. Building Belief
21. Fat Loss

C. Some Graphics in the Course!

1. IF Fasting Time Chart
2. Non-Scale Victory Record
3. 3 Types of IF coping Triangle
4. Fasting Spectrum Chart
5. 2 Favorite Self-Talk Copings
6. 5 Second Rule Working in the Brain With IF Chart
7. Block Scheduling for IF Daily Chart
8. Fat Loss With IF Graph
9. Four Fasting Protocols Graphs
10. Insulin Vs. Glucagon Timeline
11. Four Benchmarks for Choosing Foods Graphic
12. Two Amazing Occurrences Graphic (AC and Fat Adaption)
13. Four Ways We Lose Pounds and Inches Graphic
14. Macronutrient Foods and Macronutrient Details Venn Diagram
15. 50 Fasting Benefits Master List Chart
16. 16 Habits of Successful Daily Intermittent Fasters Chronology Chart
17. How to Vary Your Fasting Windows Chart

D. Join Me!

1. Friends of DR discount…Use code SAVE20 for 20% Off!
2. First Monday of each month!
3. Learn more aboout it at 
4. FREE webinar last two weeks of each month: 
5. Course sign up Sunday night before the first Monday of the month: 









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