Welcome to another Fast Shot Video! I’ve been sharing this content with people everywhere, and I thought I should put it at the blog too!

Of course, I have a detailed outline for you! 🙂
I want the whole world to know that they can have appetite control. That they can control their food intake….that their body can help them for once!

I hope it helps you!

A. Welcome

1. I’m Donna Reish, curriculum author and Intermittent Fasting teacher at donnareish.com
2. I am half of what my husband and I affectionately call “The Minus 200 Pounds Pair”—because together we have lost over 200 pounds in the past several years.
3. Nearly 150 of these pounds have been in the past two years through Intermittent Fasting and habit changes!


B. Today’s Broadcast

1. I am excited to teach others what has worked for us!
2. I love to help people change their lives through methods and habits that have changed the lives of me and my husband.
3. And….I’m excited today to bring you “My Three Favorite Things About Intermittent Fasting”!
4. While I’m bringing you three of my faves—I bring you even more favorites, more outcomes, more benefits in my free workshop— https://intermittentfastingworkshop.com I’ll tell you more about that at the end!

C. First Favorite: My Body Works With Me to Control My Hunger and Appetite

1. Growling Grehlin Gremlins

a. Grehlin is the hormone that is released from the stomach when it is empty
b. Growls, releases stomach acids, etc., to tell you that you’re hungry
c. With IF, your body “tames” the Growling Grehlin Gremlins so within a couple of weeks, you are no longer hungry during the fasting time (for 16 hours or more!)

2. I call this reducing of hunger one of my IF “super powers”—never knew that you could manipulate your eating schedule in such a way so that -hunger is controlled!
3. “Clock hunger”—your body gets used to you eating at a certain time each day and releases hunger hormones for that time rather than during the fast.

D. Second Favorite: Dining In on Body Fat

1. When you fast consistently for certain number of hours each day, your body is 16 times more likely to go into “ketosis”—body fat burning
2. I call this “dining in”!
3. When you don’t take in calories for a period of time, you put your body in the best position to go into your fat stores and use the fat you have on your body

E. Third Favorite: Eating Real Meals

1. On a “eat every couple of hours” protocol, you have to divide all of your intake (the calories you need to either maintain your current weight or to maintain your goal weight) among six or more eating and drinking instances.
2. With IF, you divide those between two or among three eating instances—
3. So instead of eating little nibbles of food, you eat a full meal or a full dessert or a small meal or a hearty snack
4. Way more satisfying!

F. Questions

1. I know this short broadcast just answers a handful of questions—will you be hungry? How do I lose weight and inches? How and what do I eat?
2. I know there are many more—and I would LOVE to answer those nagging questions (especially those about insulin, metabolism, and the amazing health/longevity benefits of IF!).
3. So I would love to have you join me for a full hour workshop where I answer “Ten Intermittent Fasting Questions.”
4. If you liked what you heard today and think this way of life could be the answer for overeating and health, I’d be honored to teach you more!
5. So hop on over to sign up for one of the four sessions that works best for your schedule! https://intermittentfastingworkshop.com 

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