25 Days of Christmas


My kids started an amazing tradition a few years ago that has grown to be the highlight of my and my husband’s parents’ Christmas season. Our kids, seven kids ages eighteen through thirty-four, call it “The Twenty-Five Days of Christmas,” but you could easily do “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and make it just as special. If you did twelve days, you could literally start it anytime—twelve days before Christmas. Twelve days before the December 31st, etc. Also, this would make a nice outreach for an elderly neighbor or disabled person in a group home, etc.

They prepare the list below and give it to the grandparents before December first. Each day, the grandparent (s ) open the Christmas card for the day (dated—Day One, Day Two, etc.) that contains a signed card with a personal greeting from one of the grandkids (they alternate) and a verse from one of the links below (or that they create) for that day. With the card, they also open a gift that is wrapped (twenty-five of them in our case) that they choose out of a Christmas box.


Happy New Year!



Just wanted to pop in to wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous, exciting, meaningful 2018…..


Thought you might like this graphic my tech girl just made of me and Hubby. (We are the second picture…. ROFLOL).

Sometimes life is just like this graphic. It isn’t quite what we think it is. It doesn’t really look like what we think it looks like.


Facebook Can Be a Loving, Caring Place

Good Facebook Friends

I love Facebook! There I said it.

I love it—and not just because I use it daily for my Plexus business or Character Ink Press publishing company or my teaching services.


I love it because I believe a lot of the time my FB friends really do care. And I really care what is happening to them too.


The Plastic Wrap Gift Ball Game


The Plastic Wrap Gift Ball Game


Need an activity for a group of adults who want cool prizes? Trying to phase out of stockings for your older kids and into something equally as festive but a little less expensive (especially if you find yourself getting real gifts that cost a lot for stockings). Want to eliminate a gift exchange but still have prizes for people to take home? Whatever scenario—the Plastic Wrap Gift Ball Game might just be the answer!

We do this fun activity with our young adult children on Christmas Eve, and it would also be a great activity for a youth group, class party, family get-together, office party—most anywhere! It is simple to make (honest!) and fun for a crowd.


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