Just wanted to pop in to wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous, exciting, meaningful 2018…..


Thought you might like this graphic my tech girl just made of me and Hubby. (We are the second picture…. ROFLOL).

Sometimes life is just like this graphic. It isn’t quite what we think it is. It doesn’t really look like what we think it looks like.


But that’s okay in many cases. After all, I am sure that I am just as happy, settled, and secure in my own little “what I think we look like dancing” world as the pro is in this pic. (And possibly even a little more content…since I’m older and know what true contentment is more than I did in my younger years!)

Whatever you want in the coming year, go for it! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! (Do you know how many hundreds of people are going to see this pic of me! ha ha)


Even if the end result is not perfection, glamor, or a “perfect 10,” you will know that you did your best. That you didn’t hold back. That you didn’t give up.

Sometimes the process is just as meaningful as the end result!


Happy New Year!


P.S. What is your favorite hobby or activity that brings you joy every time you get to do it? Mine is for sure, outside of time with our grown kids, ballroom dancing with Ray Baby! 🙂

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