Hi! I’m Donna Reish, IF teacher, weight loss coach, blogger, and half of “The Minus 220 Pound Pair” as my husband and I have lost over 220 pounds together (160 of that in the past couple of years through the Weight Loss Lifestyle habits and strategies I teach!).

In this episode, I present two more qualities/skills needed for weight loss/management.

In Episode #44, I introduced this series and began with two integral qualities—Thoughtfulness (the ability to Think about the Think-Feel—Eat cycle) and Honesty (with ourselves about ALL THE STUFF!).

In Episode #45, I continued with more qualities essential for weight loss (and, of course, how to develop them, expand the ones we have, apply them to weight loss, create tricks around them and more!). These qualities are Patience, Perseverance, and Self-Control (including my new Immediate Gratification vs. Delayed Gratification and what we can use in between the two—Intermediary/Planned Gratification).

We are on the third episode of the series (out of four) today with the crucial qualities of Flexibility and Confidence!

Here is what we focused on with Flexibility:

  1. Why flexible eating plans are so popular now (including Macros, Inc; If It Fits Your Macros; Key Nutrition; and even Weight Watchers)
  2. How many of us over 50 are done with the all or nothing approaches that we have tried over and over again throughout our lives and are ready to use flexibility to meet our goals
  3. The importance of pivoting when something isn’t working
  4. The opposite of flexibility
  5. And when we take flexibility too far and it hinders our progress

Here is what we focused on with Confidence:

  1. How Confidence can be an endless circle of “confidence leads to success, but we need success to feel confident” that we need to try to break into in order to achieve the confidence level we need for our goals
  2. How we can use other markers of success to break into the confidence circle—making incremental changes that we succeed at will give us the self-integrity and confidence to do more and more and more
  3. Confidence is a Feeling—and I plugged it into the Think -Feel-Eat cycle for us
  4. So much Confidence goodness! Yay!

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Think Feel Eat Outline 46 Qualities Needed for Weight Loss Part III of IV

A. Review

1. Qualities are built incrementally

2. We can learn to apply our qualities in other areas of life to weight loss when we learn to overcome the brain circuits and hormones!

B. First Two—Episode #44

1. Quality #1: Thoughtfulness

2. Quality #2: Honesty

3. First Four Journal Pages—great way to get started with both of these qualities

4. First Four TFE 42 Benefits of First Four

C. Next Qualities—Episode #45

1. Patience and Perseverance

2. Self-Control

i. Immediate gratification and delayed gratification

1. Something between the two?

2. Intermediary gratification/planned gratification

ii. Create your own protocol working around your level of self control at that time—What Will I Really Do? TFE 43

iii. Willpower WLL 60 and 61

D. Quality #5: Flexibility

1. A flexible eating plan

2. Flexibility in pivoting when something isn’t working

3. How much Flexibility is too much flexibility?

4. Flexible Dieting Sources

a. Macros, Inc (my favorite)

b. IIFYM—If It Fits Your Macros

c. Key Nutrition (excellent podcast)

d. Weight Watchers (a form of flexible dieting)

E. Quality #6: Confidence

1. We gain confidence when we have successs—Incrementality—TFE 19 and TFE 20 Self-Integrity

2. Confidence is a FEELING

i. Think-Feel-Act/Eat

ii. Knowing that our Feelings come from our Thoughts, we can go backwards—what Thoughts usually lead to our Feeling of Lack of Confidence/Unsurety?

1. I never stick with anything

2. I always give in

3. I cheat on my protocol

iii. Our brain is firing with the neuroconnections, brain chemicals, peptides, hormones, etc. based on our current Thoughts

iv. We can make the current neuro-connectors stop firing with NEW thoughts

3. Changing a behavior without changing Thoughts is not sustainable

4. New model—Also see TFE# 23 and TFE #24 for Goal Weight Identity broadcasts and TFE Downloadable Packet

i. Think: I am learning how to stay on my protocol

ii. Feeling: Excitement/Anticipation/Hope

iii. Action: Staying on more and more

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