Good Facebook Friends

I love Facebook! There I said it.

I love it—and not just because I use it daily for my Plexus business or Character Ink Press publishing company or my teaching services.


I love it because I believe a lot of the time my FB friends really do care. And I really care what is happening to them too.


I don’t believe what people write when they say that everybody is stalking friends in the hopes that they

  • Find a bad picture to laugh at
  • Joyfully discover that someone lost their job
  • See someone going through a struggle in life
  • Hope that something bad has befallen them


I believe that many FB stalkers care about their FB friends—we care, so we stalk! 🙂


Here is what I choose to believe about my FB stalking friends! You can decide for yourself!


Good FB Friend Stalkers Care About People…..


They do these things:

  • Wake up and check someone’s FB in the hopes that their baby’s fever went down?
  • Scroll through someone’s feed because you can’t wait to see their son’s wedding pictures?
  • Check in on someone you’re praying for because their father is terminal?
  • Pray through the night and keep hitting refresh to see if a friend has passed in the night from a terminal illness?
  • Watch for a discourage person’s latest post so that you can encourage them in the comments?
  • Jump on every hour or so to see some newborn pictures that everyone is waiting for?










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