Have you seen my video about why the Intermittent Fasting course could be a life-changer for you? I have six reasons I would love to share with you….check out the video (and outline!) below….

 Here’s my outline for it (of course!)


Six Reasons You Might Benefit From the Intermittent Fasting Course

1) Hand holding and accountability

2) Incremental learning from a dedicated, skilled teacher

3) Summer vacations (and holidays) are coming—and this is something you can do ALL the time….no off and on (i.e. you don’t have to keep saying, “I’ll start “that diet” after X or X!).

4) Be losing weight and feeling great in one month!

5) You know the methods you’ve been using haven’t been working because you need something that helps your body work FOR you not against you.

a) insulin
b) grehlin (hunger hormone)
c) leptin (satiety hormone)

6) You can trust the teacher–I’m a “long termer”—i do things for the long run– I am reliable and overdeliver! 🙂 

Class starts tomorrow!

Deadline is midnight tonight!

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