CI/CO Game (Calories In/Calories Out) Video Series Day 1: Opening




Scroll down to view video and to download the outline and game board!!


1. Caloric intake and caloric burning combine to form the foundation of our body weight.

a. Starts here but can be affected by so many things.

b. We can affect our pounds, our hunger, our appetite, our size, our inches, our body fat, and more through other variables besides caloric intake and caloric expenditure.


2. Extreme proponents tell us different things and use different pieces of research for their points—so they all sound correct to us!

a. Carbohydrate-Insulin model (CIM) on one side tell us it has nothing to do with calories and everything to do with carbohydrates/insulin release/hormones…..and have people testimonials of people who eat 5,000 calories per day of keto (80-85% fat; 10% protein; 5 percent carbs), proving that calories do not matter.

b. “Real foods” make all the difference have people who only eat real foods and do not count calories (but do not limit macros, fat, carbs, protein to any degree) and say it all boils down to real foods.

c. CI/CI only proponents show testimonials of people on Twinkie diet who ate nothing but junk but at the caloric amount needed to get to their goal weight—and tell us macros have nothing to do with it.




3. Bottom line: MANY things affect whether we will gain pounds, inches, or fat this week—and whether we will be able to control our cravings and whether we will sleep well and whether we will have mood issues and on and on…..these come together to form the “perfect weight management storm.”


4. Bottom line: Find the things that affect you and work on those things—and let all the conflicting research fall aside. As Dr. Herring says in his book AC: Appetite Correction…. N=1…study of one. Study of YOU!


5. Going to present 11 things that could affect you and your weight/size/appetite/cravings, etc. Many other things are not in this game—though they can also affect you. (These are at my YouTube channelblogwebinar, and IF course…I will have links throughout the video series for additional info for you!)

a. Ghrelin (touched on here) b. Leptin (satiety hormone)

c. Dopamine spikes from food

d. Cortisol (touched on HERE)

e. Eating real foods (touched on here)

f. Environment (huge!)

g. Habits

h. Food associations

i. Much more




6. For this video series game, we will look at these 11 factors:

a. Eat less frequently/eat often

b. Sleep 7-9 hours a night; sleep under 7 hours a night

c. Drink adequate water/do not drink adequate water

d. Build and preserve muscle/no muscle building

e. Use of caffeine/no caffeine

f. Consuming fiber/little fiber

g. Eating protein/little protein

h. Exercising/little exercise or all cardio

i. Increasing Human Growth Hormone/reducing human growth hormone

j. Using metabolism boosters/no metabolism boosters

k. Fasting/no fasting






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