In Episode #26, Donna Reish, blogger, curriculum author of over 100 language arts/writing books, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, explains the basis of Calorie Cycling. She begins with how she “discovered” it—only to find out that it was a real thing! She then teaches the official definitions and benefits users find with it. Next, Donna examines calorie counting vs calorie cycling and why low calorie diets, even when combined with the metabolic benefits of Intermittent Fasting, can wreak havoc on our metabolism and future weight management endeavors. She explains traditional calorie cycling protocols, including so much low time and so much higher time and how these approaches might preserve metabolic function, much like IF does. She explains that while we might not need a “counting approach” to weight management when IF is working well for us, some might feel the need to add more boundaries (besides the OMAD/3 she teaches at the blog and the boundaries provided with Appetite Correction). Calorie Cycling might be a good boundary for IF’ers who are looking to balance out their caloric intake over the week and still enjoy parties, social events, and festivities while eating healthy foods on non-party days. Lastly, Donna explains some low-math ways to calorie cycle for those who want to add this boundary into their IF practice without so much counting and record keeping. This week’s supplement focus at the end of the broadcast is on Plexus Pink Drink, specifically the Hunger Control Plexus Slim.








A. How I Discovered Calorie Cycling

1. Watching husband lose 8 pounds a month consistently
2. Calorie Cycling and Carb Cycling
3. Think back to what I USED to do when I overate on weekends—try to go so low to make up for it
4. Always thought it made more sense to look at whole week of calories but before Appetite Correction never had enough self control/willpower to stay with it



B. Official Definition

1. Eating pattern many people think makes calorie counting bearable
2. Calorie cycling/calorie shifting
3. No food restrictions or strict guidelines
4. Just like calorie counting in that you can eat anything if it fits in your calories
5. Spread out calories over whole week and make some days high, some low, some medium
6. People say it works better than cheat day because you have little times to eat what you want here and there instead of waiting for weekend or cheat day
7. Many think is more like hunter gatherers ate (much like IF) in that they ate based on availability not always the same


C. Why Better Than Calorie Counting?

1. Calorie Counting usually takes you too low/affects your metabolism negatively

a. One study found most people regained at least 60% of weight within 12 months
b. After five years, most will regain all; 30% will weigh more
c. Metabolic effects on traditional diets make them impossible to stick with (have to keep going lower and lower)

2. Too hard to stick with

a. Psychological factors of not having favorite foods can take a toll on dieters
b. Again, slowing metabolism means you eat less and less, which can play a huge role in the psychology of dieting as well

3. Calorie counting doesn’t utilize the benefits of fasting/opposite usually occurs

a. According to Healthline…in traditional diets, “Your body does everything in its power to slow weight loss down, conserve energy, and regain the weight after dieting.”
b. Low calorie diets result in as much as 250 calorie reduction in calories burned at rest in one study
c. 3 week low calorie diet decreased metabolism by 100 calories

4. Calorie cycling allows you to have days you don’t feel you are “on a diet.”



D. Ways to Cycle Calories

1. Three weeks low calorie and one week high
2. 11 days on and 3 days off calorie counting
3. Refeed on weekends
4. Week-long cycling


E. Why Calorie Cycling Might Work With IF

1. Hunger hormones are already stabilized
2. Shorter eating windows make the lower calorie days easier
3. You can correlate your higher calorie days with harder exercise and/or social events
4. Gives a more exact balance to your weekly caloric intake



F. How to Calorie Cycle With IF—the Low Math Way!

1. Math
2. Days
3. On low calorie days
a. Shorter eating window
b. Lower fat foods (equal fewer calories)
4. Adjust with the occasions
5. Adjust with workouts
6. Might not need to count at all

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