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Free Coaching Consult Session





  • All Coaching: Weekly direction given (videos to watch, broadcasts to listen to, etc., that meets the client’s needs in an incremental fashion)
  • Weight Loss/Maintenance Coaching: Eating Protocol development with the client based on past diet history, needs, food preferences, craving triggers, fullness etc. (Perfect Storm Eating Protocol)
  • Productivity Coaching: Daily, weekly, and monthly planning tools based on client’s schedule, job/home needs, past productivity issues, and desires
  • Relationship/Life Coaching: Tools given based on weekly private coaching session as to what the client would like to focus on first, second, etc.



Meetings for All Kinds of Coaching—Productivity/Weight/Life


  • Weekly 45 minute meetings on Zoom
  • May be set time each week or may be scheduled at the scheduling app different times/days each week
  • May double up two times during sixteen weeks to make up missed session due to sickness or vacation
  • Already know you are ready for Donna’s Coaching? Buy the package of your choice and get started creating the life you want!

Spring Sale Coaching Package


  • 16 week package SPRING SALE!
  • Spring Sale Price—$480 for all 16 weeks; $120 down (goes towards first month); $120 due each month on the start date for next three months
  • All “full priced” tools and weekly session info apply as listed here
  • Click HERE to purchase

Try-It-You’ll-Like-It Coaching Package


  • Smaller, short term package available in all areas of coaching as listed above
  • Four weeks for $250—still getting the training during those four weeks as listed in sixteen week package, as well as four 45-minute coaching sessions over four weeks
  • No payment plan available – must pay full fee up front
  • A 30 minute Consultation Call available for those interested in this package also
  • Click HERE to purchase


16 Week Coaching Package


        • 16 week package for $800; payment plan of $200 per month
        • First payment due upon enrollment (for first month)
        • Payment due for remaining three months on the same date of those months as enrollment payment was made
        • Payment may be made through PayPal or with credit/debit card
        • All tools and weekly info apply!
        • Click HERE to schedule your FREE 30 min consult call!
        • Click HERE to purchase

Coaching Maintenance Package


  • Only available to those who have already completed a 16 week package with Donna
  • Six month package of 6 sessions for $300
  • Monthly payment plan available
  • A 30 minute Consultation Call available for those interested in this package also
  • Click HERE to purchase

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