The Prioritizing Planner Network Marketer’s Expansion Pack


Welcome to the Network Marketer’s Planner 2018 (also called the Network Marketer’s Expansion Pack as it is usable as an extension of the Prioritizing Planner 2018 for general use)!

I have created this planner after 32 years of homeschooling (and writing 100 books for homeschoolers) and 2 years of Network Marketing. In this product, the daily tricks that I have learned as a homeschooling mom of seven and an entrepreneur/writer are applied to a NM business. The same consistency and self-government are required, and I bring them all together with Monthly Contact Sheets and Weekly Worksheets containing the Five Finger IPA (Income Producing Activity) and ABC Exercises for Business Growth. Never wonder what to do in your Network Marketing business again.

Every day you will know exactly how many contacts to make at each level (Follow Ups, Downline, Customers, New Prospects, and Relationship Building). And you will keep track of those people contacted! Each lovely page, designed by Bren Marie, is dated, colorful, appealing, and easy-to-use. This Network Marketer’s planner is a NM’s dream come true!

Follow the pages–and watch your business explode!

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Here is what you’ll find in this planner:


(1) Introductory Pages for Each Month

(a) Each month is introduced with a colorful month page

(b) Following that month page is a helpful teaching page in which I share productivity, business, and daily work tips (you’re gonna love these!)


(2) Two Page Spreads of Monthly Contact Sheets (8 total pages each month)

(a) Space at the top to check the box indicating whether that two page spread of contacts is Customers or Team Members or Prospects or Relationship Building (sets of these are provided for all four contact types–8 pages per month)

(b) Column down the left for you to list the people you are in contact with

(c) Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4 columns for you to write in beside each person the exchange you had with each person

(d) Network Marketing and motivational quotes all throughout



(3) Weekly Worksheets–two page spreads for every week of each month

(a) Dated two page spreads for each week

(b) Each weekly spread contains six boxes (for 6 days) of Five Finger IPA with spaces to write in who you contact of each type: 5 Follow Ups; 4 Downlines; 3 Customers; 2 New Prospects; and 1 (actually 10) Social Media Posts, messages, and contacts for Relationship Building (five fingers!)

(c) Each weekly spread contains three boxes of ABC Exercises for Business Growth–A Autonomy Training; B Business Tasks; C Correspondence; D Distributors/Downline–with suggested times and tasks



(4) Twelve Sets of All of Those Pages for a total of 150 Pages

(a) Each month contains all of those pages over and over again

(b) Each page of each month is dated, colorful, lovely, user-friendly, and effective

(c) You will know each day what to do when you sit down to work–how many of each type of contact, who you have been in contact with earlier, and more!



More details!

+Bright, colorful shapes and design start on the cover and continue to the final page of this motivating planner.


+Developed by a veteran homeschooling mother of seven (32 years of homeschooling) who wrote 50,000 pages of language arts curriculum for homeschoolers and brick/mortar schools during her last ten years of homeschooling. She runs three blogs and continues to produce materials for her readers. Donna credits the simple systems in her 2018 The Prioritizing Planner and this Expansion Pack/Network Marketer’s Planner as the secrets to her productivity.


+Designed by a creative writer and graphic artist, this planner has clean, lovely pages to inspire and motivate–while keeping users organized each day, week, and month.


+Author-created videos to show you exactly how to use The Network Marketer’s Planner, so you can print yours and start being more productive today!


+Nearly 150 pages of planning spaces that will make a huge difference in your effectiveness and efficiency!


+Printable, fillable planner that has daily, weekly, and monthly pages with purposeful spaces–a complete prioritizing system that guarantees success!


+Take control of your life and business while using a lovely, colorful planning system.


+Great for Network Marketers who are serious about time management and productivity.


+Also perfect for those who feel they never succeed with other planners. You will know exactly what to put in each space every month, week, and day–to be successful!


+Works well with Donna and Bren Marie’s Prioritizing Planner 2018–check it out here!



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