Sharing My IF Course Graphics (I’m a Little Excited)!


The first session of my monthly Intermittent Fasting Course starts Monday! I’ve been researching two to three hours a day for eight months—but putting it all together in outlines, graphics, and video recordings for the past couple of months. And I am so excited!

I did a FB Live video sharing just a small portion of the many charts, graphics, and Fast Sheets that I teach from in the course, so I thought I would create a blog post with that video to show my readers some of them!

Check out the course details here:

Don’t forget to use the coupon code first30 (for the August 2018 session).

Watch below to see how amazing my graphics girl is—and to get an idea of some of the topics this course will cover in a step-by-step manner!





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Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 22


Donna Reish, author of Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Course, blogger, and IF teacher, teaches how to get started with Intermittent Fasting with this episode of IF Primer. She gives steps for starting, including understanding how we lose weight and inches with IF, choosing your IF protocol, deciding on speed of starting for yourself, and planning your fasting window and feasting window. Donna introduces the various protocols of IF and how they affect weight loss, food in your feasting window, and how they put you into fat burning sooner or more frequently. She encourages listeners to start at the pace that they desire–quickly with more hunger at first but white knuckling through the first two weeks until your hormones are balanced and your body is trained to burn its own fat or slower with fewer hard days at first (but taking longer to get into fat burning). Donna also emphasizes the importance of planning your time during the fast and planning your food during the eating window so that you create that calorie deficit that is needed (but not so drastic that you are not able to keep your fasting hours). She reminds listeners to get her free Intermittent Fasting Start Up Charts, to read about how to fast well at her blog, and/or to sign up for her upcoming IF Course.  

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Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 21


In this broadcast, Donna Reish (IF blogger, curriculum author, and course creator) gives her and her husband’s seven month IF update (70 pounds between the two of them and many sizes!). She describes their OMAD/3 (One Meal a Day divided into three parts—SED—Snack/Entrée/Dessert) as well as how they open their eating window. Donna then briefly reviews last week’s info on 7 Ways to Lose Weight Faster With Intermittent Fasting (fasting longer, OMAD/3, Fasting Spectrum, reducing carbs somewhat, keto diet, exercise, and counting calories). She moves into more weight loss helps and tips and describes the effect of each one on the Intermittent Faster: drinking coffee, sleeping longer/better, consuming water, keeping truly busy, taking 5 HTP, and filling the stomach with fiber! Donna’s sponsor today is her beloved Accelerator—with caffeine, 5HTP, yerbe mate (appetite suppressant), and more!

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Donna’s NEW Intermittent Fasting Course Coming NEXT MONTH!!!!

Eat Anything, Not Everything!


Join Donna in a month-long course in which you will receive daily videos, outlines, help sheets, charts, and more! Learn in an orderly fashion how to incorporate this amazing weight-loss lifestyle with the support and help you need to succeed. You will discover that it’s “worth the wait to lose the weight”!


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Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 20


In this videocast/podcast, Donna Reish (Intermittent Fasting blogger, IF course teacher, and recipe creator) teaches listeners ways to speed up weight loss while Intermittent Fasting. She tackles how and why fasting longer (20-24 hours) decreases insulin, increases human growth hormone, puts body into ketosis, shortens eating window to lessen calories, and more. Her second tip includes dividing OMAD (one meal a day) into three parts for OMAD/3—or SED: Snack/Entrée/Dessert. This is a natural boundary without specific restrictions. Her third tip is to examine what you might be consuming during your fasting window and making sure that nothing you are consuming is causing a spike in insulin or a desire for food. Donna’s fourth tip includes reducing carbohydrates by even a little—and why you shouldn’t try to “kind of keto.” Her fifth tip to speed up weight loss is to go on a ketosis diet for a short period of time. Sixthly, Donna describes how exercising in the fasted state can be “basically a rapidly-stimulated form of fasting” and how morning exercise can affect fat burning and weight loss. Lastly, Donna tackles the counting calories/points/MyFitnessPal tip—explaining how you might lose fast with this but also helping listeners realize the detriments from going too low in calories during fasting. Donna’s sponsor this week is her beloved new Hunger Control Slim, aka the pink drink. She describes how this helps her with fasting during the sponsor portion of the program at the very end.

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Using Block Scheduling For Help With Intermittent Fasting

Using Block Scheduling for help with IF


Many many years ago when I only had five kids eight and under, I developed a system for my homeschool and home management (or thought I did—I’m sure others had hit upon it long before me!) of BLOCKING my time in order to get everything in each day.

Time Blocking, for me, was more than just creating schedules. It was assigning a block of time to each child’s subject, group of subjects, etc., as opposed to 9:15 math with Joshua; 9:30 math with Kayla, etc. I would schedule things more like college–with large blocks of time less frequently.

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Dealing With Food Associations

Dealing with Food Associations



Yep, I’m going to talk about them again!

May was a month of vacays, biz trips, and travels. Normally in those times, I would have called a break from my weight loss protocol—and started collecting junk food for our travels.

I used to go to Walmart and buy a lot of junk food.

Then I would come home and organized it into tubs by type. (I told you I was a crazy organizing woman!)

Then we would stop at Cracker Barrel and gas stations for more….the more “specialized” things that we couldn’t get at Walmart.

But this association had to go.

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Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 19


In this podcast/videocast episode, Donna Reish addresses Intermittent Fasting and Vacations again! Following up last week’s episode in which she described their two weeks of vacation, weight gain, calories, and more, Donna now addresses how to keep healthy habits going and have minimum weight impact during vacations. She talks about the importance of not starting vacation before vacation begins (a mindshift change from our old dieting ways!). She recommends doing some longer fasts before vacation in order to be at your best when you leave—size wise and motivation wise! Donna recommends that you look at your vacation week, choose your “specials,” and try to figure out some fasting hours that you can keep during vacation. These can vary, but they will help you not feel so bloated, have energy, AND control calories some without counting or restricting. Next, she moves into the effect that exercise can have on a trip—burning some extra calories, keeping metabolism stoked, putting you into fat burning sooner, and more. Donna then describes the roles of insulin (fat storing) and glucagon (fat releasing) and how eating two meals a day during your vacation vs grazing can have an effect on fat burning, calorie control, satiation, insulin production, and more. Donna’s Plexus biz sponsors the episodes—and this week’s was Plexus Slim Hunger Control—the pink drink that fills your stomach up so you aren’t hungry! She describes this in the “commercial” portion at the end of the episode.

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Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 18



In this episode, Donna Reish, Intermittent Fasting blogger, teacher, and podcaster, gives her and her husband’s five and six months update, including a total weight loss of over sixty pounds for the two of them and multiple clothing sizes. She describes how, unlike other weight management plans they have tried, they continue to lose pounds, inches, sizes, etc., in a plan that they are able to easily implement and stick with—even during special times and vacations! During the “Listener Lessons” portion of this recording, Donna explains their vacation experiences of twelve days out of fourteen traveling for business and pleasure and how they continued with at least sixteen hours of fasting during this time. She teaches readers the importance of deciding ahead of time what your eating plans will always be rather than waiting until the heat of the moment and letting hunger or emotions make decisions for you. By deciding ahead of time what her fasting protocol was going to look like during these trips, she was able to plan for each day ahead of time and stick with her plan. Donna continue to teach about how we need to “plan our specials carefully.” One special can turn into two, which can turn into three…and the next thing you know, everything is special, and it is hard to meet our weight management goals. She gives benchmarks that she uses for choosing “specials.” She explains the difference between other weight loss times in which she “threw in the towel” before vacation because it felt futile—compared to Daily IF in which you just vary your eating window so minimize vacation weight gain. This mindset shift included starting vacation on a strong note of good fasts before the trip. Donna then examines her vacation days and why she chose to fast when she did and eat when she did. She encourages listeners to create new food associations and new pleasurable activities in place of eating (during fasting hours). She helps listeners learn to use self talk to motivate oneself and help achieve self discipline. Lastly, she describes a new product from the show’s sponsor, Plexus Slim Hunger Control and she teaches how this plant-based, healthy drink can help with fasting.

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“Restarting” Your Daily Intermittent Fasting (Video)


Graduation parties. Weddings. Showers. Vacations. Long weekends. Lake days. Family reunions. Feeding kids all day. Picnics. BBQ’s. Summer can be the best of times and the worst of times! All. Of. That. Food. And the next thing you know, you have fallen off of the Daily IF bandwagon…! I recently answered some reader questions about how to get “restarted” with IF. I hope the video and the outline below are helpful to you as you “navigate” the summer waters! Blessings!

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