Yay—my 800th fast!! This is gonna be festive!

In this episode, I share about how my 800th fast showed up on the Zero app, what I like about the app, and how to use an app to reach your fasting goals. Then I delve into how I average my fasts for the week—and the benefits and potential pitfalls of doing a weekly average.

I describe how for over two years my husband and I never went “off” and “on” but made IF a way of life. I also talk about what breaks my fast to me and signs to look for if you might be breaking your fast in a way that is not helpful to your overall goals.

Finally, I talk about what I have learned about the incredible benefits of Intermittent Fasting—its effects on hunger, whole meals, willpower, control, insulin/leptin, and much more!

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Check out the video, podcast, and outline below!

I want so many good things for you!

A. Zero App

1. Top part

a. 800 fasts!!!
b. 7 fast average time
c. Longest fast over all
d. Longest streak (misleading…must have pushed the wrong button!)
e. Current streak (misleading…must have pushed the wrong button!)
f. Never went off for 800 days…had a few 12-14 hour fasts for vacations and holidays; had many 14-16 hour fasts for weekend getaways, family events, etc.

2. Graph part

a. Daily hours
b. Average
c. Date
d. Goal reached colors each day (a little misleading if you are averaging)

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B. Learned to Average

1. Never go off and on
2. Use high fasting days as compensation days not punishment days
3. Be careful of average when eating window is long (Decide ahead of time 2 or 3 instances with food, times, and amounts)
4. Averaging is not intended to create a binge or “pig out” day
5. Plan your eating instances even on longer eating window days (2-4 eating episodes decided ahead of time)


C. Learned What “Breaks” My Fast

1. “Eight Fasting Gurus on What Breaks the Fast” coming soon! All of them agree that fat in some form (even slight amounts of fat in cbd oil, etc.) are okay during the fast—I disagree as I say why consume anything you have to work through before you start burning body fat!
2. I’m not concerned with a little blip from communion or my 5 calorie supplement or toothpaste or sugar free mint if needed
3. Doctorate NP of Diabetes discusses insulin spikes and their effect and length
4. How I feel= broken fast to me
5. Cravings= broken fast to me
6. Hunger= broken fast to me
7. “Broken” might be for ten minutes then right back to fasting (but don’t use this as an excuse for “breaking” it as the little breaks add up—plus, the worst thing about “breaking a fast” is the ensuing hunger and cravings…don’t do it!)


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D. Power of Fasting

1. Not affect weight LOSS as much as amount of food eating, cravings, hunger, dopamine spikes, willpower needs, control, etc.
2. Effect on hunger
3. Nibbles vs. whole meals
4. Willpower—need lessened and used in smaller time period
5. Control—says it all!
6. Insulin/leptin relationship
7. Puts me in good position to burn body fat (but not only way to lose weight or burn body fat)

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