Calories In / Calories Out 5-Day Video Series Game

Did you sign up for the FREE Intermittent Fasting Game yet? Every day (for 5 days) you’ll receive an email with a downloadable outline, access to the daily videos, and a printable gameboard to track your progress! If you haven’t signed up, check it out HERE! Remember, it’s FREE!

Intermittent Fasting Start-Up Charts

Have you been hearing the buzz about Daily Intermittent Fasting? Wish you had a step-by-step plan for starting to lose weight and feel great with Daily IF? Then look no further! My FREE 20-page Daily IF Start Up Chart download takes you by the hand for the first month with four different start up protocols: 1) “Cold Turkey” Start Up; 2) “Incremental” Start Up; 3) “Avoiding the Hangries” Start Up; 4) “Low and Slow” Start Up. Brightly-colored charts, weekly tips, lots of informative material!

Sugar Free Solutions

Subscribe to this blog and receive my e-book, Sugar-Free Solutions, absolutely free. This book will guide you in how to reduce sugar by using healthy substitutions or granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup (“Karo”), sweetened condensed milk (“Eagle Brand”), caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and more. See my Sugar-Free Solutions Chart here.

Intermittent Fasting Podcasts/Videocasts

Have I piqued your interest in Daily IF more? Check out my full line up of Podcasts/Videocasts with outlines. The first few months are “journal-based”—weekly summary of my journey including results and what I learned. (This is a great way for the new faster to learn from someone else’s “real time” experience!) Following that, the weekly Podcasts/Videocasts are topic-based. Check out the thumbnails for each episode’s content.

Slideshows: “5 Tips” for Intermittent Fasting

As a teacher, I am all about organizing material and presenting it in understandable ways. (After all, I have fifty amazing students from kindergarten to twelfth grade to teach every week in my homeschool cottage classes and online writing classes!)

So….when I began to realize how much I enjoy slideshow presentations (ones that are done well—not the ones that you have to reduce ads on top of the shows over and over or scroll way down the page to click onto the next slide!), I decided to try my hand at dividing up my IF/OMAD (One Meal a Day) teaching into bite-sized slide show teachings.

So check them out….and let me know what you think!

Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Course

I have a new course that is here! It is Donna’s Daily IF Course and is one month long. It includes three weeks of short daily videos (15 mins each avg), outlines, downloads/handouts, cheat sheets, and more. During the fourth week of the course, we will meet live three times in a video room for Q and A and support. All students have the opportunity to be in the Course FB Group where I will go live every few days to answer questions. You can also post questions and successes in the group and get to know your classmates! I’m so excited to teach Daily IF incrementally and in an organized fashion, so students know exactly how to get started and have success!  Click here to read more and sign up!

Low Carb Cooking & Baking

I love to reduce carbs where ever I can! While not necessarily “keto” or “very low carb,” I have found that opening my eating window with a low carb snack keeps cravings at bay for the entire evening. I also love to make healthful, lower carb meals for my husband and myself as we enter the empty nester years! AND …I also love to teach others how to do the same through my recipes, tricks, and tips! And bonus recipes: I have many low carb mixes to use as bases for your low carb cooking. (Check out my Very Low Carb Flour Mix, Low Carb Sprouted Flour Mix, Cream Cheese Dessert Mix, BBQ Base, and more!)

Organizing & Productivity

After thirty-two years of homeschooling seven children and fifteen years of that spent writing seventy curriculum books for two publishers, I have learned the secrets of productivity! Seriously, as an efficiency-expert wanna be, I have loads of tips, tricks, and systems to help me get things done. Let me show you how to be an efficiency-expert wanna be also! 🙂 Start here with my Timer Plus Task List and The ABC’s of Prioritizing!


The blog has ingredient lists linked to my favorite online stores for recipes. The recipes are all tested with the ingredients linked at the blog. Thus, you will have the ability to get the exact products that were used in testing. One of the easiest ways to support my healthy recipes work is to purchase your ingredients through affiliate links.

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