Another Mama Off the Couch!


Wow! Another Mama off the Couch After Ten Years! Here’s Jenny’s adrenal fatigue testimony!


“I believe it is a duty as a Christian to mark significant moments in our lives and give God the glory of His might works. And today is just that for me…Today marks one year since the Lord put me on a healing journey and laid an amazing home business helping others in my lap! In thankfulness to God I will post my story…


“Something is wrong. I just can’t do it anymore!” How many times over the years have I said this to my husband while sitting in a crumpled heap of tears. Adrenal fatigue had gripped me strongly and I didn’t understand why. To do the most mundane of tasks was becoming difficult and I was not able to be the energetic, diligent mommy that I so desired to be.


I have struggled for over 15 years with my health, beginning with the removal of my right kidney in 1999. My second born was only 6 weeks old. But, it was after the birth of my fourth child that it was apparent something was really wrong with me.


I was not bouncing back from having my baby, had NO energy and depression began to creep in. Enter several years of searching and attempting many different things in hopes of feeling better.


I have been to regular MDs, natural doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, therapists, nutritionists and psychiatrists. And I have done a lot of research.


Thyroid medication, bioidentical hormones, bloodwork, cleanses, heavy metal detoxing, supplements, and herbs. I have had help from many of these things for awhile but have always ended up back in the same place.


I finally ended up on prescription medications a few years ago after another major crash following a miscarriage. The medication was a huge blessing! The depression that had been limited to my first trimester in pregnancies now was extending even between pregnancies.


For a few years those medications were truly God’s gift to me as my chemicals were imbalanced within my brain. Over the last couple years though like before, I was having more and more difficulty.


I tried once again to seek for answers for my unremitting fatigue and the horrible depression that came with it. The mental fog and lethargy was debilitating.


I went back into get another hormone panel done because I just couldn’t do it on my own anymore. My hormone results showed my cortisol at almost nothing in the morning when it should be at its highest.


I was a mess. In fact, when I got my bioidentical hormones from the pharmacist several days later I was a blubbering mess at the pharmacy counter. I could barely think straight or speak without breaking down.


The supplements he put me on and the progesterone did help. But over time it still wasn’t enough. I was able to do less and less, spending more time in the bed and on the couch and my depression got worse and worse.


My brain spiraled with negative, overwhelming thoughts. I felt a failure towards my family and towards the Lord. All I could do was continue to pray for the Lord to uphold me in the fog, fatigue and darkness.


Finally, my mom and husband realized they needed to do something before I ended up needing hospitalization. They put me on a nearly 6 week sabbatical. And when I say sabbatical, I mean it. I was upstairs where my room was like a suite. No children came in except by permission and then they had to speak very, very softly. (I had gotten to where my body responded with stress at even the sight of the children). It was to be as quiet and silent as I needed it to be. I was brought healthy meals and restful teas. I was not allowed to research my illness (which I kinda broke the rules at some points smile emoticon ) No thoughts about any responsibilities. I was told to do all things that brought me enjoyment and quietness inside. Walks, puzzles, soft music, movies, reading, writing…The relief was immense! My whole body was in such a fight or flight mode that to completely be given full, extended rest was tremendous.


I went back into the doctor who put me on welbutrin to boost my lexipro that didn’t seem to be working. This helped for a time and I seemed to bounce back. But I still wasn’t where I wanted to be.


After a month the dr. bumped up my welbutrin dose again. Again I experienced some relief but dipped again. Then he tried me on some pharmaceutical folic acid. Many people had seem great results. Not me. I was beginning to wonder if depression was the something the Lord would have me be content with for the rest of my life.


It was apparent that I had to make some life changes. I had to simplify as much as possible, streamlining my life. I no longer could homeschool my 8 children (17 down to 2), needed basic household chores taken care of by others and have as much quiet as possible. My dear husband arranged his work hours so he could continue schooling our children. He is and has always been my hero.


By this time I had learned about Plexus from my friend Jen. I was skeptical and just watched for awhile. It was one of those “too good to be true” things. I, mean how did Plexus work? But, I hadn’t given up trying. I was learning with myself that I had to try one thing at a time slowly when I made any changes. Someone had also told me about another nutritional program that had helped so many, so I tried that for a month. I wasn’t impressed.



Finally around Thanksgiving time I decided to give Plexus a try…


As I mentioned before, my friend Jen had shared with me about Plexus. She had adrenal fatigue like me. Through the Lord’s blessing of Plexus she had gone from being bedridden to gaining strength daily. I watched her awhile on facebook wanting to believe her, but hesitant.


But, then I decided with the 60 day guarantee it was time to give it a try.


My husband was so skeptical he just wanted us to buy retail for a bit. He needed proof how it worked. (Yes, he is an engineer!)


The first week, I had a good week but thought it might just have been coincidence.


The second week, was good but I was planning a trip so there were situational things that could have boosted me.


The third week we were out of town. I always end up at least once during that week in a crumpled mess of exhaustion needing a recharge, but this time it didn’t happen. I also was noticing I could confront stress more rationally and calmly.


When we got home, I thought I would surely experience a fatigue crash. Well, I was tired as anyone would be, but as I was unpacking I started cleaning out my closet!


Pretty soon my husband was calling me things like “Miss Plexus” when he would notice how different I was in my responses, in my energy, in my ability to handle stress and in my general happiness.


In short, my brain began to wake up again. Instead of being in the mental fog and haze of overwhelmingness feeling like a failure at every turn, I began to be able to encourage myself, take problems on rather than shrinking back.


I could attempt to make decisions again and I look forward to my days. This was HUGE! I cannot tell you how happy we were!


After a couple months of the Tri-Plex, I could say that for the first time in a long while I had hope again! My deep depression, mental fog, trouble with decisions, overwhelmed mental status, was almost gone!


The life sucking fatigue was heading in the directions of going into more normal tiredness range. I was excited!


I still have a long way to go. When you have the severity of adrenal fatigue that I had healing does not happen overnight. But, I am excited about the Plexus products. The more I researched the more I am so impressed.


I feel as though I am giving my whole body help. I have stopped some of my other supplements and am weaning back on my medications.


The more I learn about how Plexus products work in our bodies, I am understanding how plexus can be helping so many different ailments and illnesses. Here is just a short list of some of the illnesses people are experiencing.


IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Blood Sugar Issues, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Pain, Thyroid issues, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Allergies, Diabeties, Eczema, Sleep issues, Depression, High Cholesterol, Weight issues and the list goes on.


In another post I address the question…So, how does Plexus work? One set of products for so many things?! Yes, it’s true!


So what kind of health issues could Plexus help you with? There are three ways to order, so are you ready to begin your Plexus journey?


I am so thankful to the Lord and am now passionate about helping others like myself.


The Lord is using Plexus to help many families become financially free as well. I love to see all the homeschool moms that are enjoying a home business through helping others like me! I would love to help you get started experiencing a regaining of your energy, health and ability to serve your Lord, your home and your family!


And because of how blessed I have been through these products, I have become a Plexus Worldwide Ambassador! I get to share with others and help them work on their health issues all from the comfort of my home (and sometimes in my PJ’s ….. will you join me and many other homeschool moms? You won’t believe how easy and fun it is!”


Wow! Helping people live their lives again–I have an amazing “job”!


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