Cherry/Berry Delight

One of the true delights of low carb cooking (if you are not lactose intolerant or following some other non-dairy plan) has got to be cream cheese. While I was never one to eat cream cheese and bagels (too bland for me—I like sweet!), I have grown to love cream cheese in many other ways (sweet and savory) in my low carb and healthy cooking and baking.


Sugar Free Cherry Delight

As a matter of fact, I have loved it so much that I developed the Cream Cheese Dessert Base that uses cream cheese as the foundation for many desserts. I found that if I make this mix and have it in my refrigerator (or freezer) at all times, I am less prone to wander from my healthful eating path.


Sugar-Free Easy Crustless Cheesecake


Prior to cooking low carb/healthful baked goods, I had never made cheesecake! Something about springform pans freaked me out. The cheesecakes at the wholesale club were well-liked by my kids. And I honestly don’t love cheesecake. It’s just okay. (But my cheesecake “whip” types of desserts—like cherry delight, peanut butter pie, etc., now those are UH-MAZE-ING!)


Sugar-Free Easy Crustless Cheesecake


But many people love cheesecakes. And they are so easy to make healthier. And they are so easy to make with my Cream Cheese Dessert Base!

HEALTHY! Cream Cheese Dessert Base

HEALTHY! Cream Cheese Dessert Base {Low Carb, THM, Sugar-Free}

Healthy Cream Cheese Dessert Base


Cream cheese. Creamy desserts. Cheesecake. Frostings. Fruity concoctions with mounds of creamy goodness. Peanut butter, chocolate, and nuts, oh my!


Those could be tags for the first mix that I am creating a Healthy Mix e-book for: Cream Cheese Dessert Base. I have been busily testing recipes for this e-book (and eating the goodies!) for months now. While the entire e-book is not ready yet, I will share with you some of the deliciousness that it contains to get you started in creating desserts from this amazing dessert base.



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