Intermittent Fasting Journal #37

Intermittent Fasting Journal #37


In this Broadcast, Donna Reish, blogger, author of 100 curriculum books for preschool through twelfth graders, seeker of health and fitness, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, shares with listeners more of the “things she has learned after one year of Intermittent Fasting.” This is Part II of this topic—in Broadcast #36 she talked about how she realized she had been “dieting” on too much food/too many calories; how she can control food–food doesn’t have to control her; how overweight is not always our fault; and that sustainability is everything. In this episode, she continues with why IF is the best weight management approach for her due to her ability to adhere to it. Severe restrictions or cutting out entire foods and food groups result in immediate failure as soon as the individual goes to a party or eats out. With IF, this continually failure is not a part of the faster’s life—and success breeds success whereas failure breeds failure. Next, Donna describes the many avenues of freedom that Intermittent Fasting has brought her, including food freedom, financial freedom, time and resource freedom, decision freedom, and much more. Next Donna talks about one of her favorite new “lessons” from her year of IF—the importance of sleep on hormone balancing, metabolism, brain function, and more. Lastly, Donna describes how IF has led her to become a fitness person—someone who works out regularly, builds strength and muscle, and keeps her fitness commitments. This has been another area that eluded her prior to IF, so it is an exciting one to her! This week’s broadcast is sponsored by Plexus’ new thyroid, adrenal, metabolism, and mood product, the all natural MetaBurn!


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