Fasting Inferno–A Parody Song to “Disco Inferno” About Intermittent Fasting




Okay, friends, I’m a little over ten weeks into my Daily Intermittent Fasting journey, and I’m so excited that I wrote a song about. Really. I did. (I tend to get excited about things and write about them–A LOT….which is why I have written over 50,000 pages of language arts and writing curricula for kids–I really love language arts and writing! lol). So it is with my beloved Daily IF! But I didn’t just write this because I love IF. Or because I love clever. (I REALLY love clever!) I wrote “Fasting Inferno” for another reason as well…


Motivation. I believe we all need motivation to keep doing the hard things in life. Controlling our weight and health through Daily Intermittent Fasting is no small feat. It, much like low carb eating or clean eating, requires discipline, motivation, and forward thinking.


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