Intermittent Fasting Journal – Week 10


Week 10/Episode 10–Christmas Week! Donna Reish, blogger at Donna, author of “Fasting Inferno” parody, and teacher at The Intermittent Fasting Journal podcast/FB Group, describes her amazing Christmas week with Daily Intermittent Fasting and all of the incredible lessons she learned. She explains how she ate what she loved on the truly “special days” but did not extend the special days on and on. She describes the importance of starting rituals and ending rituals during special occasions as well as how to rearrange the fasting schedule during holidays and vacations. Donna explains her husband’s new IF protocol and success as of three weeks ago. In Listener Lessons, Donna teaches signs of fat adaptation that occur after three or four weeks, including no longer having extreme hunger/feelings of starvation, losing the food/carbohydrate preoccupation, having sustained energy, enjoying good sleep, and having clear thinking. She then reviews coping, distraction, and self-soothing techniques from Episodes 7, 8, and 9 for during the fasting window.


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