Play the FREE Calories In/Calories Out Game (With Videos) and Learn How to Lose More!



Our bodies run on them.

We spend half of our lives trying to reduce them. And the other half trying to burn them off.

But what if this thing known as “weight/size management” is based on more than simply calories?

What if there are other things that affect our weight, size, metabolism, cravings, and appetite?

What if we could figure out how to make simple tweaks in our day (and night!) that would help us meet our weight management goals more easily?

AND….what if we could learn these hacks through a GAME?



Look no further! You can play the FREE Calories In/Calories Out Game to learn eleven different tricks that influence the following things:

1) Weight

2) Size

3) Metabolism

4) Cravings

5) Appetite



The good news is that you can always win in the Calories In/Calories Out Game!

The FREE five daily videos, along with the detailed outlines and colorful game board, show you which way to turn to win the CI/CO Game–and to win the CI/CO Life!

AND….we need all the help we can get during the holiday season–help in burning more calories, help with our control around treats, and help with our appetites.

SO now is the PERFECT time to play this FREE game—and let your body help you with these eleven smart (yet simple) moves.

You will be so glad you did as we approach 2019!


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