Peanut Butter-Mayo Apple Salad (With Lower Carb and/or Lower Fat Options!)


I don’t remember my mom making a lot of salads when I was growing up. I remember some iceberg lettuce here and there on our plates and potatoes cooling in the fridge for potato salad, but that is about it. I do, however, remember the apple salad. Not because I ate it–it has mayo in it! (Yucky! ha ha) But because it was unusual to have anything other than potato salad and cole slaw in terms of “salads.” I quickly discovered that my high school sweetheart (Ray Baby–now my husband of almost 37 years!) loved salads of any kind, and he really loved my mom’s apple salad. So being the dutiful wife, I learned how to make it.


It isn’t hard, but it is unique. Every time I take it anywhere, people are always surprised by the combination of peanut butter and mayo–but in a good way. People really like this salad!


7 Tips to Convert Low Carb to Low Fat and Vice Versa


A reader recently asked me how she could convert low carb recipes into low fat ones and low fat recipes into low carb ones. She had gotten advice from her doctor to lower some of her lab numbers by eating more low fat foods. While I did once lose eighty pounds eating low fat, I am not a medical professional and do not have background in nutrition to the extent of knowing that the cholesterol in this food causes this or this saturated fat causes that. But I have been on enough diets in my nearly forty years of adulthood to know a few tricks for low fat and low carb! ? So here are some tips for her—or others who want to lower carbs in their low fat recipes or lower fat in their low carb recipes.


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