Finding Your Fasting Hours Sweet Spot (Fast Shot)

How can you find your fasting sweet spot?

That is, find the time of day and eating window time that works best for YOU!

Remember, there are four main elements that affect our weight loss, inch loss, and craving loss with Intermittent Fasting. These four components can influence your eating window.

Once you apply those, you also need to personalize it–how to see which end of your waking hours work best for you to not eat vs. when you have the most difficulty with fasting.

Here’s the short (!) Fast Shot Video and mini outline for you!

 Fast Shot: Finding Your Fasting Sweet Spot! (No Pun Intended)

A. Four Things That Affect Weight, Inch, and Craving Reductions

B. Total Fasting Hours
When would you like to be awake without food?
Sleep and fasting

C. Counting Fasting Hours vs. Eating Hours

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