Air Fried (Low Carb) Chicken Drumsticks (or Tenders!)


Two of the most common praises you hear for the air fryer are chicken (tenders, nuggets, wings, thighs, breasts–you name it!) and French fries (or potato wedges–really any “fried” potato)–and with good reason! These two, formerly-forbidden-to-many, “fried” foods are absolutely amazing in the air fryer. I love popping French fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders in my fryer for my sons when they stop by–yes, all “premade” and found in the freezer section of the grocery! See my original Air Fryer Tips and Croutons here!



Low Carb Air Fryer Roasted Nuts


If you are following my grocery fast, you probably know that I am more than a month in to spending $25 a week on groceries in an effort to empty my cupboards, freezers, and refrigerators. As we became empty nesters, I just kept buying and buying if things were on sale, in case the kids stopped by, etc., without really having designated purposes for everything. (When you have a family of nine, you eventually use everything up–not so when you become empty nesters…my house was bulging with food!)



Air Fryer Tips and Croutons (Low Carb Too!)

Air Fried croutons are crispy yet tender! Perfect Caesar salad!


My air fryer sat in its box for quite a while….Okay, it sat in its box for a few months. I just didn’t think I could handle learning anything else! And I wasn’t sure I wanted another appliance. And I was afraid I wouldn’t use it often enough to justify buying it. And…and…and….


When I finally got it out of the box, I realize that all of my fears were unfounded. It is truly amazing!


My husband and I eat at home most evenings–and we eat fairly healthfully. However, I have four grown sons and two sons-in-laws, and when they stop in, I often make them an “appetizer platter” from store bought frozen appetizers (mozarella sticks, taquitos, fish sticks…nothing healthy! lol). Seriously, they pick what they want out of my freezer bag of “appetizers for kids” and in fifteen minutes, they have a platter! (I’ve used it four times this week alone for them!)



Oven Roasted OR Air Fried Parmesan Green Beans


It’s only been a little over a month since I got my amazing, large, wonderful air fry! And I love almost everything I have made it in so far (recipes are in the works!). And I love these Parmesan Green Beans in it if I only want to make a small amount for two.


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