Okay…I admit it….I am obsessed with green beans. If you knew how I used to eat a couple of years ago (before Plexus), you would understand why. I had been trying to “keto” for a few years (and actually even a moderate carb average of 100 per day healed my pre-diabetes), so I would “keto” during the week then go crazy on weekends eating as many carbs and as much sugar as I could. I would only eat fruits and vegetables if I absolutely needed them to stay on my low carb plan (and ONLY during the week). So the fact that I now crave green beans and Romaine lettuce, even if they are a couple of the only green veggies I like, is a pretty big deal. I seriously eat Romaine lettuce and green beans at least five times a week (and for someone who only eats one meal a day (OMAD–Daily Intermittent Fasting), that means that I eat lettuce and green beans 5/7 of the time I eat a meal (and sometimes I eat them for my snack/opening my eating window too!). (Learn more about opening an eating window in Episode 7 of The Daily IF Journal podcast)

This post is about the three ways that I most often eat green beans–three completely different methods of cooking and three completely different tastes, yet all three green beans! Let me tell you more about them:



1) Crock Pot Green Beans, Potatoes, and Sausage

Get the recipe here!


~No precooking of meat

~Little prep time

~Fix and forget

~One pot meal

~May use meatballs, ham, or other precooked meat if desired

~Can easily be made into a keto/low carb/THM S (or E) meal by using radishes or turnips in place of the potatoes (See 6 Potato Substitutes.)

~Great to prep ahead and take camping or on trips and just turn crock pot on and have it ready when you are




2) Homestyle Skillet Green Beans

Homestyle Skillet Green Beans


~Should be a viral recipe–it is truly the tastiest green bean dish ever!

~Stove top in deep skillet or dutch oven

~Best with fresh green beans

~Simple recipe with full flavor

~Has bacon grease (may use olive oil…but bacon grease….yum!)

~Everybody I have ever served these to loves them!




3) Air Fried or Oven Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

Get the recipe here!


~Super finger food

~Best in oven for more than 3/4 pound

~Incredibly tasty

~Grown daughter just ate them here and said, “This is like eating French fries!” Yeah, they’re that good!

~Can make in bulk on 3 large jellyroll pans if you have three oven racks

~Real food snack

~Only use fresh green beans for these!



P.S. What are your favorite ways to make green beans? Crispy like Parmesan ones or wilty like I do my homestyle? I like them both ways for different recipes!

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