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Ketosis is a coveted space to be in by many people. When most people think of ketosis, they think of the keto diet. However, if the keto diet were the only way to get into “fat burning,” how would people lose weight every day with other protocols?

(Yes, please….make all decisions for your health and weight management through three lenses: research, personal experience, outside observations of others!)

Come to find out, we can get into fat burning in many ways. On today’s broadcast, I discuss three ways to get into ketosis—that is three ways to burn through circulating glucose and stored glycogen to get the body into the optimal position for fat burning.

In this broadcast, I discuss what is ketosis and why people seek it. Then I move into three ways that we can get into ketosis. The first way is the most commonly known—the ketogenic diet. I also point out some of the downfalls of this method (including that people think they’re doing keto is they simply reduce carbs—the keto diet is not simply reducing carbohydrates).

The second way I discuss is my personal favorite, Intermittent Fasting. Who knew that we can get into ketosis daily with simply not eating for 16 to 20 hours out of every 24 hours!? Fasting has been found to get people into ketosis/fat burning 16 x more frequently than the typical diet.

The final way I discuss is another personal favorite—strength training. Strength training is a FAST way to burn through glycogen stores in the muscles—like rapid fasting! How cool is that?

I summarize this week’s broadcast with the many benefits of being in ketosis and how long it takes in the beginning stages of Intermittent Fasting. Learn more in my free upcoming IF workshop— 

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Hope this broadcast helps you make decisions about your health and weight management. I soooo want the best for you…..soooo much!

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A. What Is Ketosis and Why Do People Seek It?


1. Ketosis is a normal process that happens when your body doesn’t have enough carbs to burn for energy. Instead, it burns fat and makes substances called ketones, which it can use for fuel.
2. Ketosis helps body burn its own fat stores instead of burning circulating glucose from carbs and proteins.
3. Process: Body burns through circulating glucose from carbs and proteins. Then goes into muscles and liver to burn stored glycogen (stored glucose that didn’t get used previous meals). Once all is burned, theoretically, body starts releasing ketone bodies and starts burning body fat.
4. In IF, we call this “dining in.”
5. Gives many physiological benefits such as body fat burning, better cognitive function, way fewer cravings, appetite control, and more.
6. Research shows many benefits on the body—lower risk of heart disease; improved insulin resistance; potential positive effects on Alzheimers Diseas and Bipolar Disorder….BUT
7. Research shows many of the same benefits on vegan/vegetarian/high carb diets.
8. Most improved health markers across the board in robust, trustworthy studies are found in eating less food/fewer calories overall—i.e. eating what our bodies need at the weight that is good for our bodies. (This doesn’t mean extreme calorie deprivation or eating what it takes to maintain a current weight if that weight is too much.)


B. Three Ways to Get Into “Ketosis” Intro


1. Important to note that getting into ketosis is not the be all/end all for weight loss—people lose weight every single day by doing a variety of calorie lowering/movement increasing activity!
2. Research + Observation + Personal Experience=Weight Management Method for Each Person
3. Many like to get into ketosis because it helps the body burn its own body fat better/puts person in optimum state for fat burning/weight loss…..BUT
4. We must remember that even people not in ketosis lose weight all the time!
5. If one of the methods below helps you get into fat burning better/lose weight better/manage your weight better, then that is a win for you!
6. If one of the methods below does not help you manage your weight, then it is not for you! Choose something that works for you!


C. Method One: The Ketogenic Diet


1. True ketogenic diet is approximately 75% fat; 20% protein; 5% carbohydrates.
2. True ketogenic diet is not simply “lowering carbs”
3. Ketogenic teachers—no onions or tomatoes; no chicken breast (too high protein without fat); no lean meats of any kind
4. Why you can’t “kind of keto”
5. Ketogenic diet gets you into ketosis 4X faster than SAD
6. Some say calorie padding that lets you eat more calories—only true (if it is) for 100% compliance….going off and on means you are on a high calorie/high fat diet
7. Works well for people who can truly stay on it
8. Takes 1-10 days to get into ketosis with a true keto diet (i.e. no cheats).
9. Downfalls: Hard to stay on; missing a lot of healthy foods; eating super calorie dense/fat dense foods, so perfection is required; doesn’t differentiate between real/good carbs and processed carbs; demonizes carbs and diminishes importance of protein; people think it’s the magic bullet and don’t realize they simply eat too much. Period.


D. Method Two: Intermittent Fasting


1. Time restricted eating—not eating for 14, 16, 18, 19, or more hours out of every 24 hours.
2. Eating in an eating window of 4-8 hours per day rather than eating constantly.
3. Found to get body into fat burning/ketosis 16x faster than typical eating.
4. Reason it gets into fat burning faster than keto diet or exercising is because you’re not consuming anything at all, so body can burn through circulating glucose and stored glycogen more easily.
5. Can take a couple of weeks of consistent fasting to get into ketosis, but depending on diet and fasting times, you can then get into it daily after that.
6. Downfalls: people think it’s the magic bullet and don’t consider that there is a perfect storm of health components that come together for weight management and health (you can’t fast yourself to healthy weight if you are eating more than your body needs during your eating window); hard at first. (Why I have a one month course: )


E. Method Three: HIIT or Strength Training


1. Burn through glycogen stored in muscle quickly.
2. I like to say that I just fasted an extra two or three hours after 30 minutes of strength training as it goes right into the muscle and burns the glycogen quickly.
3. Time it takes to get into fat burning with exercise will be based on intensity of exercise and diet (how much circulating glucose and stored glycogen do you have to burn through?).
4. Strength training is the gift that keeps on giving—burn 300 calories today or 300 calories every day in nine months!
5. Downfalls: People think they can out exercise a bad diet; people put more than 10-20 percent emphasis on it (weight management is 80-90% food; 10-20% activity).


F. Summary


1. Fat burning/ketosis can feel really great!
2. Ketosis is not needed for weight loss/weight management.
3. IF is my favorite way to get into fat burning—feels great; easy to maintain once you’re into it 2-4 weeks; never have to go off and on (just adjust your hours).
4. Learn more at
5. Learn more at Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Group
6. Free workshop in two weeks—sign up today…. 

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