5 Tips to Become More Efficient in the Kitchen

Freezer cooking. Crock pots. Semi-homemade. Instant pot. Microwaves. Casseroles. One dish skillets. All of these phrases describe ways by which people everywhere are trying to be more efficient in the kitchen. Time is at a premium for families everywhere. Cooking at all, much less taking the time to cook truly healthful, real food meals, is hard to do. I did a podcast a while back (before I was even cooking so low carb/sugar-free/low grain) detailing five ways I have found to be more efficient in the kitchen. These tips are useful for all types of cooks.


So in this post, I bring you that podcast with its accompanying handout…and my five top tips for becoming more efficient in the kitchen including:

1. Using a crock pot

2. Having 10 meals that you always have ingredients on hand for

3. Cooking meat in the crock pot and freezing it

4. Making combination meals whenever possible

5. Putting something in the freezer each week.


Click here to download the handout that goes with the podcast below.




Blessings to you in your kitchen as you seek to “feel great and live well”!


P.S. What are your favorite kitchen efficiency tips? How do you manage to cook healthfully for your family?

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