In this Fast Shot Video, Donna Reish, author of over 100 curriculum books for students, blogger, healthy seeker, and IF teacher, helps fasters determine whether one meal a day (with a snack or two—OMAD) or two meals a day (2MAD) is right for you. People automatically think they need OMAD because they’re afraid they won’t lose weight with 2MAD, but if your snacks are heavy, calorie-dense, not real, and not filling, the snacks might be the problem.

She addresses six times that you might want to go with 2MAD: 1) when your snacks are unhealthy; 2) when your snacks cause you to be hungry again too quickly; 3) when your snacks cause you to graze; 4) when you aren’t getting all of your nutrients in; 5) when your snacks cause huge dopamine spikes and increase cravings.

She then addresses six times that you might NOT want to go with 2MAD: 1) On days when you’re eating dinner at a restaurant or party; 2) When 2MAD has caused you to overeat consistently in the past; 3) When you don’t like two “lighter” meals; (4) When you like to eat your meal first in your eating window; (5) When you already choose healthy snacks.

She describes how a lot of the problem is our mindset shift with the terms and definitions: Snack has been associated with fattening, processed, packaged foods. Meals are often associated with a lot of food. Both can cause OMAD or 2MAD not to work as well.

Donna references the 25 video series (15-20 minute daily videos) that she did live in her FB group in this episode as she discusses real food (fiber, water, “fluffiness,” protein, etc.) that affects ghrelin, leptin, and insulin. You can go in and watch that series by joining her group and then search in the search bar for Day 1, Day 2, etc. Join the free FB group here: 

6 Reasons You Might Need 2MAD (and 6 Reasons You Might Not)


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Bottom line criterion in choosing your eating protocol is always:

1) You consistently lose weight (not plateaus of over 4-8 weeks long)
2) It is sustainable for you forever


You Might Need 2MAD

1) You choose unhealthy snacks, not real food, because you’re calling it a “snack.”

2) Whatever you are eating for your snack doesn’t have fiber, protein, or fat—so you’re hungry for the next eating time too quickly.

3) You graze and you think it’s because of the “snack.”

4) You aren’t getting your nutrients all in—including protein, vitamins, fiber, “fluffiness,” etc. because of what you’re snacking on.

5) You crave—because of the snack.

6) You’re not losing weight well—and when you do a little quick count, you realize that your snack has way too many calories in it because it is comprised of a lot of processed foods.

You Might NOT Need 2 MAD when….


1) You are going out for dinner—a snack is often better when you are going to be eating calorie heavy for your meal (as most dinners out are!). Just choose fruits and veggie snacks before going out that night!

2) You have tried 2MAD and you consistently overate.

3) You don’t like having a “lighter” dinner—-you prefer a snack and having the bulk of your intake at that one time in your meal. (Shorter eating window.)

4) You like to open with your meal and be satisfied for most of your window—then close with a small snack. Thus, you don’t need that second meal—and that first meal is too substantial to be one of two meals.

5) Your snacks are already healthy, nutrient-dense, do not cause cravings—and you do not graze.

6) You lose weight well with snack and OMAD!


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