So I unearthed some secret to eating and cravings and dopamine spikes and “addictive” properties in food accidentally–and I’m not even a scientist, just a normal teacher who has written dozens of curriculum books.
Light bulb moment….me to my husband: “So I figured out what the worst culprits are for me!”

Husband: “What’s that?”

Me: “It’s the Trifacta!”

Husband: “What’s the Trifacta?”

Me: “It’s the three things that, when combined, lead me to crave, overeat, overdesire, and not be able to stop.”

Husband: “That’s great!”

Me: “No…really…it’s beyond great. I think I’ve just uncovered something that the whole world needs to know. It’s not just sugar….it’s not just flour….it’s not just fat…’s the trifacta.”

Husband: “I think someone already discovered that….

Okay, so I didn’t make a great scientific breakthrough. I didn’t unearth something new to weight management. And I have since found a book that explains the entire thing in great scientific, research-based detail….so now I’m not a scientist anymore. I’m just a fangirl….

But it is important to note that I discovered this BEFORE I read the book! lol
Dr. Stephen Guyenet, author of The Hungry Brain, has spent his career on brain and fat loss and gain research. It is super compelling…and while others are watching the latest episode of their favorite TV show at night, I’m binge watching (the only time that word is allowed at is when it’s not associated with food!) his Youtube videos!
So I have wanted to do more and more with this vital info…but I wanted to learn more, read more, study more, make more charts, watch more videos…..

But I’m not.
I’m just going to run with what I know so far (which I think will be super helpful to all my peeps!) and do SOMETHING!!!

Starting Monday, April 1st, we will be having a month-long More Real Food Challenge (in honor of my discovery, you know!).
It will have the following components (and possibly more!):

1) Every day I will go live for a few minutes to teach a concept related to real food, processed food, hunger, appetite, overeating, overdesire, cravings, grehlin, leptin, etc. etc.

2) I will date and label it so you know which day to comment on it

3) If you want to participate, you will comment under each video with an answer to the question or what you are doing/how you are doing that day with more real food!

4) We will go for progression, not perfection!

5) Each person will set their own goals (and I will explain some easy ones, like 80/20, X number of treats, etc.)…so there isn’t a “one rule fits all”! Some of us still have a lot of processed foods, so even reducing from that will be soooo helpful.

So I’ll see you in group! If you haven’t joined yet, please do so anytime

And feel free to invite your non-fasting friends to the group—you don’t have to be fasting to add “More Real Foods”!

Let’s “feel great and live well,”

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