Three-ring binders. Stapled. Binder clips. Coil binding. Report covers with sliders. Paper clips. Pre-made calendars with perfect binding. So many choices for combining those important papers, calendars, and more. I am a veteran homeschooler of thirty-two years and author of over 100 curriculum books, downloadable products, and other books totaling over 50,000 pages. So I have bound, stapled, clipped, combined, and hooked papers every way imaginable through the years. About ten years ago I happened upon a method that I have used widely for school lesson plans, scope and sequence charts for my books, calendars and planner, project task lists, and more. It combines the ease of a three-ring binder (minus pinching your fingers) with the re-ordering capabilities of loose papers. (What?) It is hard to describe, but I hope you will take a few minutes to watch the video I have created below. It demonstrates how wonderfully easy the circa discs and punch are to use. I know you’ll love it–and want to use them for your new year calendar and planning needs! 🙂


How to Use the Circa Binding System






So what would I recommend this organizing system for?




+Project task lists & launch systems


+School lesson plans


+Daily organizers


+Student homework sheets


+Contact lists


+Webinar downloadable books and booklets


+Holiday organizational sheets


+Anything in which you want to be able to put in papers and take them out, move them to another spot, create new sections, and/or discard old documents—quickly, easily, painlessly…



More Benefits!

+Once you purchase the punch and some discs, you are ready to go! I have had that same punch for ten years–and just continue to add to my disc supply as I need them. I also remove the discs from old bound documents that I am no longer using, store the documents in a file, and put the discs into new documents. Totally re-usable!


+You have the ability to punch more pages and add them at any time. Carry a project page from this week’s calendar spread to next week’s–just pull the project page out and tuck it in to next week’s planner spread. Everything is completely movable and easily placed where you need it within a few seconds of removing it or punching a new sheet.


+No more pinched fingers in three-ring binders, loose papers everywhere, or clipped pages out of order!


+No more trying to adapt and use a pre-made planner that does not really meet your productivity needs! Create your own (or get my Prioritizing Planner here!) that meets your needs, punch it, and disc it!



Recommended Circa Products

Here are the Circa products I recommend—along with a post-it-note page divider tablet that I LOVE for labeling!


Below are links to products I use and love. I am an affiliate for If you click on the links below I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support of this blog!


Learn About My New Prioritizing Planner 2018 in this video below….


P.S. I’d love to hear how you use your Circa punch and discs–or see pictures of your Prioritizing Planner bound with this convenient system! 🙂

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