CI/CO Game Video Series Day 4: (8) Types of Exercise, (9) Increasing Human Growth Hormone, and (10) Metabolism Boosting Substances




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(8) Exercise/No or Little Exercise

1 Exercise

a. Burns calories
b. Potentially builds muscle. Weight training builds muscle, which burns more calories while at rest all the time.
c. Gives an after-burn effect/increases metabolism post-workout. HIIT has strong after burn effect.
d. Releases endorphins and other feel-good signals
e. Can help you eat less
f. Reduces belly fat—especially HIIT, which has been shown to reduce belly fat by 17%.
g. HIIT burns through sugar quickly and can even cause “exercise-induced ketosis.”
h. Exercise fasted equals appetite regulation later in the day

2. Downfalls of some exercises

a. Long bouts of cardio can increase appetite dramatically
b. Long bouts of cardio can cause entitlement eating—”I worked out so long, I should be able to eat this or that.”
c. You can’t outrun a fork—and cardio people can sometimes be deceived by this. An average mile of walking, jogging, or running burns approximately 80-120 calories. A three mile walk burns under 300 calories.
d. Cardio only does not necessarily help you build muscle or burn quickly through glucose—need a combination.
e. Research shows that people are getting more belly fat burning, more fat loss in general, and more sustainability through three HIIT workouts a week than they do from 5 40-minute cardio workouts with moderate intensity.




(9) Increasing Human Growth Hormone/Reducing Human Growth Hormone

1. Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

a. Plays a vital role in body composition
b. Increases muscle building
c. Aids in fat loss acceleration
d. Increases metabolism
e. hGH can be increased by sleep and by taking 1-5 mg of melatonin 30 minutes before bed.
f. hGH can be increased by losing body fat, reducing sugar, and HIIT exercises.
g. hGH rises at bedtime and throughout the night when deep sleep is achieved and when no food is consumed/insulin is not spiked, so stopping food intake 2 to 4 hours before bed will help increase it.
h. Fasting has been known to increase hGH by 500% for 12-18 hour fasts and 2000% for 24 hour fasts.

2. We cause a reduction in HGH

a. By being overweight
b. Eating too much sugar
c. Eating late at night
d. Not sleeping well
e. Not exercising




(10) Metabolism Boosters Can Help to Burn More Calories

1 Metabolism supplements

a. Can help boost metabolism
b. Increase our thermal response (resting calorie burning)
c. Help with hunger.
d. Research is inconclusive on many of them. Here are some that are shown in certain studies to work:

i. 5 HTP—research shows this reduces depression by increasing serotonin; this also decreases appetite tremendously, especially when combined with garcinia cambogia (like in Accelerator)
ii. Garcinia Cambogia—boosts fat burning and decreases appetite
iii. 270 mg. of caffeine a day proven
iv. Capsaicin (hot peppers) shown to burn up to 50 calories per day
v. L Carnitine, chromium, and L glutamine help boost metabolism for many people
vi. Omega 3 does help with metabolism
vii. Digestive enzymes and probiotics help clean out gut, better food absorption, less leaky gut, fewer cravings, less bloating, etc.
viii. B complex, D 3, and magnesium have all been shown to help
ix. Green tea extract has been shown to increase metabolism by 4-5%

2. Whether you use metabolism or thermic boosters or not, consider the strong effects of the following as these are all easy fixes!

a. Caffeine
b. Decaf coffee
c. Green tea
d. B complex
e. Water
f. Exercise
g. Adequate protein
h. Sleep






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