In this videocast/podcast, Donna Reish (Intermittent Fasting blogger, IF course teacher, and recipe creator) teaches listeners ways to speed up weight loss while Intermittent Fasting. She tackles how and why fasting longer (20-24 hours) decreases insulin, increases human growth hormone, puts body into ketosis, shortens eating window to lessen calories, and more. Her second tip includes dividing OMAD (one meal a day) into three parts for OMAD/3—or SED: Snack/Entrée/Dessert. This is a natural boundary without specific restrictions. Her third tip is to examine what you might be consuming during your fasting window and making sure that nothing you are consuming is causing a spike in insulin or a desire for food. Donna’s fourth tip includes reducing carbohydrates by even a little—and why you shouldn’t try to “kind of keto.” Her fifth tip to speed up weight loss is to go on a ketosis diet for a short period of time. Sixthly, Donna describes how exercising in the fasted state can be “basically a rapidly-stimulated form of fasting” and how morning exercise can affect fat burning and weight loss. Lastly, Donna tackles the counting calories/points/MyFitnessPal tip—explaining how you might lose fast with this but also helping listeners realize the detriments from going too low in calories during fasting. Donna’s sponsor this week is her beloved new Hunger Control Slim, aka the pink drink. She describes how this helps her with fasting during the sponsor portion of the program at the very end.







A. Our Experience

a. 7 months for me=2 pounds a month
b. 6 months for Ray=10 pounds a month
c. Averaging 20 hours a day of fasting
d. Eating salads and veggies or something low carb and healthier to open our windows; eating anything/not everything in our eating window


B. Ways to Lose Weight Faster With IF

1. Fast longer

a. Lowers insulin
b. Causes fat deposits to be used as fuel for your body (since no food is present for a longer period of time)
c. Causes Human Growth Hormone (a good thing that helps with fat burning!) to spike more frequently (not just the normal bedtime and rising), which can up to double the fat burning during the fast
d. Automatically creates a shorter eating window, which will usually yield fewer calories overall
e. Puts body into fast-induced ketosis, which helps the body to work WITH you for weight loss rather than against you (like eating every two hours does)


2. Bring in the natural boundary of OMAD/3

a. OMAD/3 is dividing the One Meal a Day into 3 parts—
b. Also called SED—Snack/Entrée/Dessert
c. Grazing can cause large increase in calorie intake
d. OMAD/3 is a boundary without restrictions or counting
e. Usually works better in shorter eating windows
f. If longer eating window is desired, be sure Snack is truly a snack and not a meal (for calorie counters, this is probably 300 to 400 calories, not based on WHAT the snack is


3. Water and Coffee/Tea Only Fasting

a. If you think cream or stevia or lemon juice or Zevia or anything else in your fasting window is causing you to not lose weight, take it out one at a time to see if it makes a difference
b. Be sure you never consume anything in your fasting window that triggers hunger or desire to eat


4. Reduce carbohydrates a little

a. Doesn’t always have to be an all or nothing low carb thing
b. Do not “kind of keto”
c. Natural way to do this is to have opening snack always be low carb—your overall carbs will be reduced by 25% and you won’t illicit cravings as you open your eating window
d. Have some low carb/real food only days if you have a lot of celebratory type days


5. Go Keto

a. Keto and fasting together best way to lose weight really fast
b. Hard to do—don’t kind of keto
c. 75% fat; 15% protein; 10% carbs
d. Can do this temporarily for rapid weight loss then go back to IF without keto for maintenance


6. Exercise

a. Exercising during the fast is “basically a rapidly-stimulated form of fasting”
b. In other words, it burns through glycogen stores just like fasting does—but fast!
c. Exercise mobilizes fatty acids that are then turned into ketones
d. This is called exercise-induced ketosis


7. Count calories or points

a. Can work with laws of thermodynamics (calories in/calories out) but also has detriments to it
b. As we lower our caloric intake, we also lower our metabolism—this is why we use the law of thermodynamics to our benefit in order to skim calories off of our daily intake gradually with IF—not severe calorie restriction
c. Lower calories while fasting can cause a lot of weakness, burning of muscles instead of fat—making it harder to fast
d. Can cause extreme hunger during the fat because you don’t have fats to sustain you
e. Also can’t really have “party” days as you have lowered your metabolism to burn the lower calories all the time


C. Plexus Slim Hunger Control

1. Ingredients—

a. All plant-based designed to regulate blood sugar, reduce carb cravings, give energy, sleep, pain relief, feeling of well being, and more.
b. Chromium, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract (non caffeine), alpha lipoic acid, beet root, mulberry extract, stevia, clinically-proven levels of polydextrose
c. Polydextrose is the difference between HC Slim and Gut Health Slim
d. Polydextrose is at levels clinically-proven to result in weight loss, hunger control, and appetite

2. Hunger control

a. Takes away hunger immediately and keeps it at bay for several hours
b. Mixes with water in the stomach and expands to make you feel full faster

3. When to take

a. May use during the fast if you don’t mind 2 net carbs (doesn’t cause an insulin spike because it is an blood-glucose metabolism product)
b. Takes away hunger and makes you feel amazing immediately
c. May take with or right before your big meal to fill up the stomach and cause you to eat less


4. Info sheet: Click HERE to view.


5. Hunger Control Slim video:


6. Order HERE as Preferred Customer for a great price!

a. Middle price
b. No quotas—may cancel next month’s order at any time
c. Call or text for help ordering: 260-433-4365


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