I have a little song that I like to sing to myself (you might only know the tune if you’re, um…pretty “mature” lol). It’s to the tune of “Catch a Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket”!

“Catch a helpful thought and put it in your pocket…

Never let it fade away.
Catch a helpful thought and put it in your pocket…

Think it all throughout the day!”

So what about those helpful thoughts?

Do they lead to a Result–as in we think them, and then we click our heels together and have what we Thought about?

This is how I always viewed “the power of positive thinking.”

Then I discovered the Think-Feel-Act cycle…and I realized that Thoughts lead to Feelings….and they both lead to Actions….not a Result.

I don’t get a Result until I take Actions.

This is great news….

Because all of the time that we don’t carry out the Actions that we want to….all the times that we don’t get the Results that we want…

We can go right back to Thoughts.

And Thoughts are optional.
Thoughts are changeable.
Thoughts are manageable.
Such good news!

Outline below!

And the video is below!

Or listen on iTunes (link below)!

I want so many good things for you!

A. What is the Think-Feel-Act cycle?

a. Sixty thousand thoughts a day
b. All feelings stem from thoughts—while we can’t just “get happy” or “feel excited,” we can change our thoughts, which will affect our feelings
c. All of our Actions are done from Feelings (and indirectly Thoughts)


B. What are thoughts?

1. What are thoughts—Sentences in your mind.
2. What are beliefs—Thoughts you think over and over again.
3. Power of Positive Thinking oftentimes means that beliefs/thoughts lead to results/outcome.

a. We know this isn’t true or we could win the lottery, think a new car in the driveway, etc.
b. Thoughts to not lead to outcomes—even good thoughts.

4. Beliefs/Thoughts over and over do not lead to results.

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C. How does Think-Feel-Act differ from the Power of Positive Thinking?

1. What does give results—Action!
2. This is where we can use “power of positive thinking”—not to get what we want, but to help us DO what we need to DO!
3. Thoughts do not give results—Thoughts give actions!!!!
4. We do what we think about…

a. Why someone says “I’ve been thinking about this over and over and…..”
b. Why when we hear a motivational speaker and think about it, review our notes, talk about it, etc., we start acting.
c. Why it’s important to surround our kids with good things to think about—their peers are HUGE in what they think and thus what they act on.

D. We can Think ourselves to Action

1. So….we can’t think our way to success.
2. But we CAN think our way to actions!

a. Thoughts lead to actions
b. Actions lead to results


E. How does Think-Feel-EAT help with weight loss goals?

1. You don’t just think “I can lose weight” and then lose it!
2. Your BELIEVABLE Thoughts give you Feelings
3. And those Feelings lead to productive Actions
4. Rinse and repeat….


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