Eat Anything, Not Everything!


Join Donna in a month-long course in which you will receive daily videos, outlines, help sheets, charts, and more! Learn in an orderly fashion how to incorporate this amazing weight-loss lifestyle with the support and help you need to succeed. You will discover that it’s “worth the wait to lose the weight”!



Here’s What You Can Expect

• One month online course teaching YOU incrementally (and in a super organized, “cheering” manner!) how to start Daily Intermittent Fasting and succeed!
• Three weeks of short daily videos (about 15-20 minutes each–short enough to watch daily yet content-rich enough for you to succeed)
• Outlines, downloads/handouts, cheat sheets, lists, and more to give you the info you need in interesting ways
• Fourth class week—three FB live videos to answer questions and give you what you need to take off on your own (with our group help still in place!)
• Private Course FB Group with community support and weekly FB live videos
• Bonuses you will love!
• Much more!



Benefits Include:


Weight Management

Learn how to time fasting and eating, create boundaries during the eating window, and manage Daily Intermittent Fasting in such a way to consistently lose pounds and inches.


Health Benefits

Learn the dozens of benefits to Daily Intermittent Fasting, including disease reduction, brain health, fat/inch loss, youthfulness, and energy boost.


Lifestyle Changes

Learn ways to manage the early days of Intermittent Fasting — to control hunger, boost your resolve, feel empowered, and make Daily IF a lifestyle.


Help From a Teaching Cheerleader

Benefit from Donna’s encouraging, can-do attitude and thirty years of teaching and curriculum writing as she takes you through the steps of Intermittent Fasting. Find daily motivation during the early stages of Intermittent Fasting.



The course begins on AUGUST 6th!



Click here to be added to Donna’s Intermittent Fasting Course Wait List and receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT once enrollment begins! Be on the lookout for an email on July 22nd giving you the chance to start your Intermittent Fasting journey!



TESTIMONIAL PICS—Intermittent Fasting Works! You just need to learn the tricks and tips to make it work for YOU!










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