Don’t make another typical resolution this year!

Make a resolution that you can stick with!

Research shows that 92% of the time, New Year’s resolutions are done away with by January 20th.

This made me wonder…what resolutions aren’t broken….what are those 8% of resolutions that “stick”?

Then I thought back to last year at this time.

My husband and I had been Intermittent Fasting (IF) for over a month. We had lost weight during the holidays. We had already made IF a lifestyle.

This gave me my answer–the 8% of resolutions that are kept on into February are the very few things that are sustainable.

The bottom line in weight management is that we must be able to do what we are doing for weight loss forever–it has to be a lifestyle.

It must be sustainable.

One year into the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle–and FINALLY—after 40 years of dieting off and on and never keeping our weight off, we have found a sustainable approach to weight management.

Intermittent Fasting. It balances your hunger hormones, puts you into fat burning each day, allows wiggle room for special occasions and foods, and makes you feel amazing.
(Oh, and it also helps with disease prevention and blood sugar balancing!)

And you can learn this amazing lifestyle–and be doing it with complete SUCCESS within the first month of 2019!

The Intermittent Fasting Course could help you make the coming year YOUR year for health and weight management.

Daily teaching videos, support group, access to the teacher…..all the tips, helps, guidelines, visuals, outlines, graphics, and support you need!

AND…save all of that money (and time) on specialty foods!

I’d love to help you be one of the 8%—the small group of people who is able to keep your resolutions–FOREVER!


Click HERE to get started!

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