What to do every day? What to do first? What can wait until later? My list is too long! I can’t possibly get this all done. Defeat. Throwing in the towel. Just let it all wait until tomorrow (or the next day or the next or never).


Enter systems. (I know…I say that all the time!)

Not elaborate, non-achievable systems. Just two little lists every day that tell me exactly what to do that day above and beyond my Dailies.

I get up. I do the Dailies. Then I move to First Five and/or Fast Five, depending on how much time I have at that moment.

Easy peasy.

It really can be.

Watch the Fast Five and First Five video—and follow along with my handy notes.

And let me know how your productivity is coming along! 🙂




Two Magic Tips

1. How to incorporate tasks in addition to dailies

2. First Five and Fast Five

3. Categorizing and prioritizing are helpful and these do that



First Five

1. After creating Weekly Worksheet, look at all the A’s

2. First Five – five things to accomplish today

3. If I don’t get anything else done besides dailies, I will get these done



Fast Five

1. Small things can become too big in our minds

2. Fast Five – tasks that will take 5-10 minutes (place Amazon order, message someone, place holds, etc.)

3. Things are not as big as we make them

4. Might even be challenging to get done that fast

5. Help us do things more efficiently

6. Allows us to use spare moments in the day




1. Can do First Five and Fast Five by creating notes (sticky notes, phone notes)

2. They are the way to accomplish things outside of dailies

3. Doesn’t take much to do these systems

P.S. What are your greatest struggles in getting things done above and beyond your Dailies?

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