In this Fast Shot episode, Donna Reish, blogger, author of 100+ curriculum books, and Intermittent Fasting teacher, explains to listeners how to go about adding a fasting hour (or hours) to your fasting window. She starts by giving some ideas for when someone might want to add fasting hour/hours, including preparing for a special occasion, when someone is plateaued for a while, working on getting rid of the last ten to twenty pounds, and more. She then recommends when someone might NOT want to add more fasting time. Donna then looks at a couple of ways to add an hour and advises people to choose their plan ahead of time–another hour daily, extending their daily average via an app, adding an hour on weekends, etc. Finally, she gives tips and tricks for making it through another hour of fasting, including how to trick ghrelin, how to avoid dehydration and mineral imbalances, and more.

A. When Would You Want to Add Fasting Hours


1. Special occasion coming up

2. Plateau

3. Trying to get to a longer weekly average overall

4. Last 10 to 20 pounds

5. Wanting to go from 2MAD to OMAD (16:8 to 17:7 or 18:6)



B. When Should You Not Add Hours


1. Struggling with the hours you currently have

2. Adding exercise in at the same time

3. Adding another restriction at the same time

4. Having trouble getting your calories and/or nutrients in the eating window you have

5. On a day that you’re tweaking hours already to prepare for a lunch, etc.



C. How to Add an Hour or More


1. Decide if it will be weekly average, weekdays only, weekends only, every day

2. Look at your schedule and ask yourself if it is easier to end eating earlier in the evening or to go longer during the day or half an hour at both

3. Do half an hour for a few days then an hour?


D. Tips


1. Don’t undereat day before adding another hour

2. Don’t add HIIT or strength training as you’re adding fasting time

3. Don’t do it if you can’t live with it (for your goal period or forever)

4. Use some consumption helps

a. Caffeine

b. Fiber

c. Magnesium

d. Mineral water

e. Sparkling water

f. Pink Himalayan Salt



E. Use distraction and coping mechanisms


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