Today I have a Fast Shot that I created in my free private FB group (join here!) when I began the April “More Real Food” Challenge two weeks ago.

It isn’t quite as “fast” as my fast shots are supposed to be. (Shock, shock!)

And it has info in how to join the challenge (you can join anytime and watch all 30 of the videos in the group at your own pace).

But it also has some good info about considering which foods in your life are “real” (and thus, less seductive, craving-causing, calorie dense, appetite-increasing, etc.)….

And which foods are less than real (and thus, more seductive, craving-causing, calorie dense, and appetite-increasing)….

I hope it helps you to eat better during your eating window, spread out those not real foods a little more, choose more nutrient dense foods, open your eating window with healthier options, and much more!

P.S. If you like what you hear, I’d love to have you hop on one of my free IF workshops — !

A. Why?

1. Take advantage of the help we are getting from controlling grehlin, reducing insulin spikes, increasing human Growth Hormone, hearing leptin signals, etc. Use these things to our health and weight advantage!
2. Leptin (the satiety hormone) responds to real foods more than processed foods
3. Real foods are less calorie dense
4. Real foods are more nutrient dense
5. Real foods ward off diseases (some processed foods cause diseases, especially sugar/fat/white flour combinations)
6. Real foods have the ability to fill us up WAY more than processed foods

a. Fiber
b. Water
c. Protein
d. Fluffiness/volume/stomach distensability

7. Real foods are less seductive—less likely to cause cravings, fewer dopamine spikes, less “addictive” properties


B. Tips to Increase Real Foods

1. Join a challenge (Starting April 1 in Donna’s IF FB Group!)
2. Learn about real foods
3. Don’t classify macronutrients as good or bad; instead classify foods according to their “realness”
4. Decide ahead of time roughly for the week
5. Decide ahead of time each day for the next day
6. Decide what real food means to you—it doesn’t have to be what anyone else thinks it is!
7. Keep REAL and non real food journal each day


P.S. Again…ha ha! If you love Fast Shots (quick learning, listen while you do your chores or drive, etc.!), check out the entire Index of Fast Shots here!

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