Welcome to another Fast Shot Video post! I have loved creating these! They give me a chance to answer reader’s questions immediately in my private FB group–and I love the challenge of trying to stay under ten minutes! (Failed this time…but close at around twelve minutes!)

This is a super important question for people just starting out in IF (and one reason that I created the 20 page freebie, “IF Start Up Charts”! and my month-long course). The first few weeks can be challenging with hunger and the hangries!

I always say that IF can be brutal to start–but so easy to maintain–just the opposite of other “diets”! Yay us!

Message me or post in the private FB group with questions you have, and I’ll try to answer them (or find you answers!).


Fast Shot: “I Can’t Seem to Get Beyond the Hangries of the First Few Weeks!”



1) What are the hangries?


a. Your body is used to running on sugar/glucose

b. When glucose is used up, your body cries out for more fuel

c. Not used to using body fat for fuel instead



2) Start up protocols


a. Slower can be harder because while hangries won’t be as bad–they will be longer (which is fine)

b. 16:8–2MAD

c. Working out and starting fasting

d. Lengthen fast each day approach



3) Remedies for hunger during first few weeks


a. Don’t eat too little

b. Electrolyte imbalance

c. Minerals and mineral water

d. Water

e. Coffee, caffeine, drinks

f. Salt

g. A little fat (see free start up charts)

h. Fiber

i. Coping techniques (see blog or course!)

j. Coping distractions


4) Blog and course help!


a. 5 Tips Slideshows answer many of these questions

b. See thumbnails for specific topics in IF Journal broadcasts

c. Free webinar

d. Month-long fasting course


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