1) You have special foods to look forward to during your eating window! This always makes starting easier.


2) You can be a fat burner by January 1st—get ahead of those New Year’s resolutions, and make IF a lifestyle!


3) Feel good during the holidays–instead of so much food heaviness, etc.



1) Start small—don’t do “all or nothing” if you have tried that before unsuccessfully. Do what works for you–even if it is 14 hours of fasting this week then 15 next, etc. Better to do what you can really do then give up!


2) Drink TONS of water.

a. Dehydration mimics hunger
b. Without food, you don’t retain as much water (during the fast), so you can become dehydrated, feeling weak and fatigued more easily.
c. Carbonated/sparkling/bubbly water can trick hunger hormones into thinking that your stomach has food in it!


3) Use pink Himalayan salt in your coffee or tea or crystals under your tongue for hunger and for electrolyte balance.


4) Consume lots of fiber (25 to 35 grams a day for women). This fills up the stomach also–and usually means healthier foods. AND….doesn’t leave room for processed foods. You can also use fiber supplements to get your RDA.


5) Save treats for the end of your eating window. You will have less room, eat fewer treats, and be satisfied.


6) Sleep 7 to 9 hours a night. Don’t mess up your nighttime sleep with too much daytime sleep. Sleeping 7 to 9 hours makes you less hungry and boosts your metabolism. It’s shown in research and accepted across the board as genuine!


7) Use my free Daily IF Start Up Charts HERE!


8) Check out my new FREE Five-Day Video Series: The Calories In/Calories Out Game!


You can do this!!! Let me know how I can help you!







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